The Bridestory Blog’s 17 Most Favorite Real Weddings of 2017

by Karina Leviani Dec 22, 2017 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


We love weddings and to be able to witness beautiful, heartfelt celebrations every single day is such a delight. This year, The Bridestory Blog was graced with plenty of wonderful, wonderful projects. Each of them comes with a unique theme, romantic story from the couple and bespoke elements that are crafted personally for each couple.

Amidst all the enchanting celebrations, today we have rounded up in no particular order, 17 of the most favorite real weddings of 2017. Scroll right down to see our picks and who knows, one of them might be yours!

Photography: David Salim Photography, MORDEN

The Wedding of Raisa Andriana and Hamish Daud Wyllie

This couple's wedding was undeniably the talk of the town this year. Raisa and Hamish tied the knot in two cities namely Jakarta and Bali. Each of the procession was crafted beautifully, from their akad nikah, lunch reception and dinner reception in Jakarta down to the intimate celebration in Bali a week after. We're very much in love and after looking at their wedding albums once again, surely you will be too!

Photography: Love is My Favorite Color

One Couple's Refined Palace Wedding in Vienna, Austria

Extreme romance are perhaps the best words to describe the nuptial of Alena and Joshua. They specifically picked Palais Liechtenstein as the place where they would exchange their vows and celebrate their union with their loved ones. Just like a fairytale, she arrived at the palace in a horse-drawn carriage and finally met Joshua, the groom. If you're one who loves romantic, grand celebrations, then this one is for you.

Photography: Antijitters Photo

A Festive Wedding in Shades of Red and Gold

Like any North Sumatran wedding, golden shades are certain to dominate the concept of Taya and Alvin's marriage. This couple also opted for shades of red to complement every element of their special day, starting with the ulos cloth used in the Mangulosi procession, to its festive decorations without dismissing the distinctive cultural feel.

Photography: ILUMINEN

A Traditional Javanese Wedding with Shades of Green

From day one, Tiara wanted her wedding celebration to be steeped in Javanese tradition as she believed that preserving heritage is an act of love toward the country. The couple opted for Solo basahan attires in dark green, inspired by the wedding attires of Tiara's mother and grandmother. The color green, which Tiara chose for all her kebayas, also held a special meaning for her. Curious to find out what it means, click on the link above to read the whole story!

Photography: Axioo

A Modern Alfresco Wedding with Monochromatic Shades

Ileana had a clear idea of the kind of nuptials she wanted: a no-flower wedding with a monochromatic color palette. As she only wears black clothing 99% of the time with the other 1% being white or gray, her wedding planner Kira from Hitch'd came up with a modern 'ghost' theme for the celebration. Talk about infusing personal into your wedding!

Photography: David Salim Photography

A Glamorous Ballroom Wedding Filled with Lights

For her wedding, Helen wanted to have simple and edgy decorations without too many flowers. As they aren't the romantic type, they went ahead with branches and lights. As for the colors, they chose silver and gold to make the setting look glamorous. We utterly love their stage decoration, reminds you of a night skies full of stars, do you agree?

Photography: Munkeat Photography

A Two-Day Traditional Malay Wedding with Shades of Green

Hana and Usman wanted to have an outdoor celebration close to nature. Their 'green' wedding theme encompassed not only the color but also nature, greenery, and our environment. They even played Zainal Abidin's song 'Hijau' to fit the theme! Their two-day wedding was held over the weekend—consisting of the nikah or ceremony, dinner reception, and bersanding, a Malay tradition of announcing the marriage to a large crowd. Read the full article to see all the photos from their celebration!

Photography: Bianco Photography

An Alfresco Bohemian Wedding in the Tuscan Countryside

Hannah and Garud rented Borgo Pignano, a luxurious villa in Tuscany, as their wedding venue. It was also where their dearest family and friends stayed throughout the weekend. For the ceremony, they transformed a nearby forest into a simple yet charming setup. For the reception, their choice fell to the garden area. The table decorations and flowers were selected by Hannah herself and as a fun, bohemian touch, each guest received a handmade tambourine by Chicweddings Italy to bring back home.

Photography: Angga Permana Photo

A Dreamy Marble-Themed Wedding with Muted Colors in Bali

Freda and Leo wanted a garden wedding overlooking the ocean cliff so Ayana Resorts and Spa, Bali was the perfect choice. To decorate the venue, Freda chose soft, neutral shades inspired by her love of natural stones. Which is why she finally settled with a marble-themed wedding with hues of gray and dusty jade. Click the link above to see the full article and photos of the beautiful album!

Photography: Kamala Studio

A Traditional Balinese Wedding with Colorful Details

Ayu Thari and Angga decided to preserve their cultural heritage through a two-day traditional Balinese celebration. On the first day, the bride was 'taken' from her home and brought to Denpasar, home to Angga's family. The couple then had their wedding ceremony there on the next day. The couple looked stunning throughout the entire celebration, clad in authentic traditional Balinese wedding attires. Read the full article to see more photos of the cultural celebration!

Photography: Mangored

A Vintage Wedding with a Gothic Touch in Tagaytay, Philippines

Jois and Rex infused their wedding with vintage elements and a gothic touch. The venue's hite interiors, mirrors, and chandeliers really suited the couple's vintage wedding theme. Black opera chairs were laid out next to white tables, which were adorned with floral centerpieces and dimly-lit candles that enhanced the gothic atmosphere. An unusual take for a wedding indeed, but the couple nailed it successfully. Click on the link above to see more photos!

Photography: Mangored

A Vibrant and Quirky Tropical Wedding in Mokuleia, Hawaii

Desiree and David, or Des and Dave, wanted to have a destination wedding that could represent their personality as a couple. The quirky pair soon decided to pair a beachside venue in Mokuleia, Hawaii with a tropical wedding theme filled with vibrant colors. Shades of red, which dominated their wedding color palette, could be found on almost every element. Clusters of red orchids adorned Des's flower crown, and her bouquet had marsala- and fuchsia-colored flowers to match. Curious to see how their beachside wedding turned out? Read the full article to find out!

Photography: Terralogical

An Alfresco Wedding with Grecian Elements in Uluwatu, Bali

Clarinta and Jan-Philipp, or JP, met by chance when the two were backpacking to Athens, Greece sometime in 2011. Four years later, the couple got engaged in the same city and started their wedding preparation right away. As Athens played an important part in the relationship, the city became the main inspiration for the couple's wedding. And since the wedding was held in Bali, Indonesian flowers like tuberose was also incorporated to imbue a familiar cultural feel.

Photography: Mangored

A Stylish Destination Wedding in Apulia, Italy

Chris and Pam got engaged while climbing a mountain in Scotland in 2014. It was only natural that they wanted their wedding to be as adventurous as their proposal. Their wedding celebration was finally held in Masseria Potenti, a charming hotel known for its homemade Italian delicacies. The couple welcomed guests with a welcome dinner and continued their marriage processions the next day. It was a beautiful, fashionable day. Click on the link above to see for yourself!

Photography: ILUMINEN

A Pine Forest Wedding with Eclectic Bohemian Twist

The venue for Shelvin and Steven's wedding apparently was one the bride had been eyeing on for a long time. She was so inspired by Andien Aisyah's wedding a few years ago and wanted to get married at the exact same spot. The holy matrimony site was decorated beautifully. A combination of pampas grass, wooden logs, candelabras and fabric overlays on the ceiling created a thick bohemian feel, while still remaining elegant for the forest wedding.

Photography: Earl Grey Portraiture

Elementary School Sweethearts' Rustic Elegant Wedding in Two Cities

When asked about their wedding theme, Yudith gave a quick answer without hesitation: rustic elegance. They wanted to make something unique and different, a cross breed of rustic elements and elegant elements. For their holy matrimony, the couple chose to hold it in Jakarta Cathedral. Two days later, their reception was held in Amanusa Resort in Bali and we think it's safe to say that it was enchantingly beautiful. Click on the link above to see the full feature!

Photography: Angga Permana Photo

A Nature-Inspired Wedding with an Ethnic Bohemian Twist

The night before their wedding day, Bianca and Kevin invited all their friends and family for a welcome dinner at the venue. The garden area of Alila Villas Uluwatu was transformed into a Bohemian lounge, complete with rugs, pillow, tenun curtains and rattan lanterns. Marsala colored flowers were placed on the tables, which enhanced the desired atmosphere of the day. For their wedding the next day, the couple took a different turn. It was all-white, clean, minimalist and of course, enchantingly beautiful. Click on the link above to see it for yourself!

There you have it, the 17 most favorite real weddings of 2017. Which one of these features is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below and add photos you love to the inspiration board if you haven't already!


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