The Best Wedding Ring is the One Which Carries an Everlasting Love Memory

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As the title goes, there is no better match for a wedding ring than the one that holds your love memories strongly. Mr and Mrs. Lee met on February 14th, 2001, back when they were still university sweetheart studying at University of Indonesia. It was love at the first sight and soon after both of them graduated; they decided to tie the knot. Last year, Mr. Lee found Tiaria and asked for a helping hand to design a jewelry for his dear wife. As soon as Tiaria heard the beautiful love stories mentioned, they designed a ring that represented the true love they had. Deriving from that, Tiaria exclusively constructed a pair of ring with V design to keep their memory when meeting on Valentine's Day and embodied 13 sparkling diamonds to hold the 13 years of happiness they shared together. For the color, Tiaria offered two kinds, one in gold rose to symbolize their romantic love story and the other one in white gold to signify purity and everlasting love.

As lovely as the first one, here is another story that will bring your day even brighter. Wulan and her beau decided to celebrate their first date by watching James Bond movie in a cinema. For her, there is no better man she could ever imagine to be her lifetime partner. In order to keep the memory of their love story close, this charming couple chose a wedding ring called Angel Heart. Each ring was designed with half shaped heart, when combined it would create a perfect heart that represents a union of love. In a glance, the half shaped heart looks like an angel's wing, with such exquisite design, it truly signifies the important meaning of marriage, each ring was a representative of Wulan and her fiancé whom in the end will join their love together tenderly in a sacred ceremony which will be take place next month. With a great vendor like Tiaria, you could get anything you ask for your dream wedding ring, to highlight the James Bond memory, Wulan asked to alter the design with the use of 0.07 carat diamond to give the idea of 'you are my hero' to her fiancée.

For their most special day, they chose rings that symbolize their stories beautifully. How about you? Which one would you choose? What kind of ring represents your love? Anything you pick, make sure to get a meaningful ring with deep love stories behind it. Wedding ring is an essential daily accessory that you will carry on anytime and everywhere. So, when you have something so important that keep you close with your beloved one, always cherish it. Every morning you wake up, you will remember this ring is not just another ordinary ring, it was your commitment with the most important person in your life and everywhere you go, you can feel how your loved one is close to you, and to whomever you meet, you can proudly show them your wedding ring and tell them about the story behind it. With such unique and characterized wedding ring, when you are growing old together and your hair turns white, you can happily share your romantic memories to your children and grandchildren.

After we know how important it is to choose a wedding ring that carry memorable love stories, let's get to know more about the expert behind it. The jeweler behind those beautiful love stories is Tiaria. The name of Tiaria was derived from two words, tiara, which means a crown for a woman, and ria, meaning joy and happiness. Tiaria's brand and philosophy were inspired by what they deemed to be the most beautiful crown of all time, the crown French emperor Napoleon granted to his empress, Josephine, in 1804. This beautiful crown, immortalized in a painting by Jacques-Louis David, inspired Tiaria to present the best designs for their customers and ensure that customer satisfaction is always taken care of.

In terms of quality, Tiaria will undoubtedly give the highest possible value for every penny spent. To craft each ring, they turn to their diamond and cutting department in Tanzania and their design and production team based in Hong Kong. They believe that taking every matter in their own hands is important to ensure that customer expectations are fulfilled without any mistakes. With the help of Tiaria's creative team, customers are able to create any jewelry they want using an advanced 3D design system. Every time a custom order is made, Tiaria gives a 3D design to the customer before the production takes place. This way, customers can get an idea of how their jewelry will look like in the best way possible.

Thanks to their years of experience, Tiaria has understood the Indonesian market very well. Whenever you have any inquiries about available products or preferred designs, you can simply contact their customer service. They'll be more than happy to help clear your doubts without having you go through hours of traffic. Wherever you are, at home or even busy at work, you can really depend on their high quality service as they firmly believe that a wedding ring should represent the couple best and create an everlasting memory. For them, an expensive ring doesn't always guarantee true happiness.

Today's brides-to-be seem to be more interested in white or rose gold products rather than the yellow gold of previous generations. Indonesian brides are now looking for more fashionable items, and instead of diamond, they now prefer high quality sea water pearls or natural color gemstones like sapphire and ruby. When asked about the current trend of wedding rings, Tiaria answered straight away that mismatched wedding bands are getting really popular. Tiaria's designers are used to these kinds of requests and are happy to combine every customer's ideas into a set of wedding ring. This way, everyone will be happy and the customer will get a one-of-a-kind wedding ring. Encountering this kind of request is not a big deal for them as they have the cutting-edge design and production technology to make it happen.

Tiaria wants to bring the advanced 3D design and printing system to Indonesia, as it can close the gap between the customer's wants and jeweler's ability to meet them perfectly. Buying jewelry from Tiaria will also let you contribute something good to society, a truly beautiful thing in itself. Tiaria currently sponsors children in remote, poverty-stricken areas of East Indonesia. For every purchase, a portion of each payment is donated to an aid organization. For Tiaria, the value of giving out to children is in line with the values upheld in their products. Children are important as they will bear the legacy of the world we live in, while Tiaria's high quality jewelry is made to last and get passed on to the next generation, from a grandmother to a mother, from a mother to a daughter, and so on.

When you buy a ring from Tiaria, you won't simply get a ring. Tiaria will make sure you get a ring that is a perfect fit for you, a ring that represents you and your husband-to-be. For every amount you pay, you also contribute to giving a better world for children in need. Tiaria always focuses on what truly matters for the couple. It doesn't matter if it's expensive or cheap, uses a big or small diamond, what matters is the happiness of the one who wears the ring. Every woman wearing a piece by Tiaria will surely symbolize a woman with true happiness radiating from her heart.

Can't wait to get your dream ring from Tiaria? Simply click here to get in touch with them easily and get the ring of your dream.


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