The Basic Rules of Wedding Planning Every Bride-to-be Should Know

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After the ecstatic moment of proposals, the next 12 to 18 months your decision-making ability will be appraised. Surely, the wedding planning moment is so much fun, but for once-in-a-lifetime celebration, it would be better to avoid mistakes and have no regrets. So here are simple rules to follow when it comes to wedding planning.

DO: Set budget priorities at the very beginning

Budget priorities will keep you on track. The basic idea is to allocate budgets to what is important in your wedding and what is not important. You have to make sure you spend the money on the items you truly want first. So prior to wedding planning set a clear budget and spends them smartly.

DON'T: Choose your vendors based on quotations

It goes both ways: it doesn't matter how cheap or expensive they are, you shouldn't choose your vendors based on quotations. Sometimes it's true that you get what you pay for, but it is more important for you to love their works. Get recommendations, meet them personally, and review their portfolios. Choose the best vendors, at the best price as of your budget priorities.

DO: Consider his ideas

In terms of wedding planning, remind yourself that he is getting married with you. True, it is your big day – but it is his big day as well. Therefore, if he has any ideas, allow him to have a say in wedding planning, and discuss them together.

DON'T: Compete with your friends' weddings

On the happiest day of your life, the last thing on your mind should be about comparing your wedding to theirs: whether your decorations are better or you look prettier. Put those things aside, and have fun. Plan your wedding as if you are the first person in this world that is having a wedding.

DO: Ask for discounts

Our advice is don't shy away from asking discounts, especially if you are getting married during an off-season. Negotiate the prices and get the best deals.

DON'T: Stress out the little details

A lot of brides tend to be blinded by details. They obsess whether the napkins are well folded and match the colors of the drapes. You certainly don't want to turn into Bridezilla, do you? So learn to relax, stay happy, and enjoy the ride.

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