See How This Newlywed Spends Just $5,000 on Home Furnishings

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Moving into your new apartment as newlyweds can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. On one hand it will be a new experience that you both should cherish for the rest of your life. On the other hand, however, the challenges that come with moving in together is real as well. One of the problems that will arise is deciding on furniture and how much you should spend on decorating the house. On top of that, you would still have to adapt to each other to keep the relationship stable and healthy.

Today we introduce you Nigel and Danielle, who successfully overcame their milestones in relationship and moving in together, and how they managed to furnish their four-bedroom flat with only $5,000.

How did you know you had met "the one" and how has life been since?

N: We met 6 years ago at our workplace and for Danielle it was love at first sight, the moment she laid her eyes on me.

D: That's what he claims.

N: Well, we got married in November last year and went for a really nice honeymoon in Paris & Europe. Now that we are back to such a beautiful home, we really can't wait to share it with you guys!

What made the both of you decide to choose this four-bedroom HDB?

N: At that time, I was living just next door. One day I was looking online and realized my neighbor actually put his home up for sale. I wasn't so sure if Danielle would have been okay with it, living so close to my dad and all. But after a few discussions we realized that there were a lot of benefits of staying close to our parents. Plus we really like the layout of this house it's, different.

How different is it to be living on your own now as newlyweds?

D: Staying together in our own place is very different. We have to do everything on our own, the cooking, the cleaning,

N: You mean I do it, all on my own!

D: I do the cooking, but he indeed does the cleaning and washing. These kinds of things are quite new now that Saturday mornings have to be set aside to tidy the place. Got to make sure everything is as it is.

When it came down to furnishing your home, what was the most stressful issue?

N: Hmm, the biggest challenge we faced was of course the cost involved. We purchased the house, got married and went for honeymoon all in the same year. So when it came to furnishing our house, we had to make important choices like what kind of furniture we need to buy or whether certain things were necessary to be bought at that moment.

So what made you think of HipVan?

D: Before even getting the house, I have been shopping on HipVan for some stuff so when it came to decorating the house and buying furniture, it was natural for me to go to HipVan. They have such a wide variety of items available and the cost was also right for us.

N: Yea, I think the most important part for me is that they are so convenient. We were so busy planning for our wedding and were also working. I like the part where you can just go online with a few clicks of the mouse to get anything you want and get them delivered really quickly. They always call you before they arrive, so everything was very professional and excellent!

What did you get for your home with just $5,000 from HipVan? Did it cover most of your essentials?

D: With the $5,000, we managed to get a lot more than we wanted! We could furnish our guest room with a bed frame, a mattress and bedside table. Now we can entertain guests in our house and have them stay over too!

N: We also managed to get the chairs for our island in the kitchen; it matches the grey theme perfectly well. The dining room chairs also matched the room's aesthetics really well.

Personally, what do you think is the most important area of the house and which is your favorite furniture piece?

D: I'd have to say it is the living room area, because that is where our family and friends gather when they are over. I really like the slug lamp because of its rose gold color and I can move it around where I need the light to be.

N: I'd have to say the same. The living room is just extremely spacious and can accommodate 15 – 20 friends; it's definitely great for parties. The most important furniture piece for me is actually the swing! I call it my "chill-out" chair. I use it for reading, eating, sleeping, pretty much everything! The back and forth motion of the swinging just puts you at ease and takes away your stress. I like it a lot.

What were you most satisfied with from HipVan?

N: The great thing about HipVan is the free assembly service that really gives you peace of mind as a customer. I can't imagine getting boxes of stuff and having to assemble them ourselves. Lots of items that we bought were professionally set up and very quickly done too. Also, if there is ever anything that goes wrong, we don't have to worry because they have free returns! Their customer service is really good.

D: Yes. That one time we ordered some glasses and one of them was actually broken so we emailed HipVan and very quickly within the day we got a reply and a new piece was sent over in a week.

N: Exactly! That really gave us the assurance that after-sales customer service is there for us. If there are any defective items, they will be there to rectify the problem.

D: It's true. We definitely will recommend HipVan to our friends and family!

Are you curious to see how their new house looks? Keep scrolling to see more images of their beautiful abode!

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