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Second Honeymoon 101: What to Do and Where to Go


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Who doesn't love honeymoons? The mere mention of the word leaves us excited already, making us dream of rolling sea waves and romantic escapes to faraway cities. Years after your wedding, your days and thoughts might be filled to the brim with children and work these days. Though it might seem like a hassle to take some time out of your daily schedule, a second honeymoon is a surefire way to bring the spark back to your relationship. Here are some reasons we think you should plan a second honeymoon.

Why would I need a second honeymoon?

If you're too caught up in your daily routine of taking your kids to school every day or getting stuck in late-night meetings at work to even think about, let alone plan, a second honeymoon, these reasons might just change your mind.

1. Everybody needs a break

The truth is, everyone will experience a stage of boredom in a romantic relationship, especially when the both of you are tangled in your own worlds that you don't have much time left for some quality time together. After a while, you can start feeling that you're going through a very monotonous life, and of course you wouldn't want that. Don't let the excitement of your relationship shift away without your notice. If your relationship is starting to feel stagnant, it may be a sign for the two of you to have a quick escape together.

2. Your wedding anniversary is coming soon

Every wedding anniversary should be a cause for celebration, but the silver wedding anniversary is extra special as it celebrates the 25th year of your marriage life. It's surely not a short time, and especially if you already have children, your time will easily slip away without your notice. A wedding anniversary is the best excuse for you to leave all the kids behind and reward yourself with some private time together. Take the time to reminisce about the great moments in your relationship and be grateful for everything that you've been through and accomplished throughout the years. To make your celebration even more memorable, you can spruce up the occasion with a renewal of your wedding vows too.

3. Your first honeymoon was far from perfect

The first honeymoon will always be a time to cherish, but perhaps due to a limited budget or time constraints, you had lower your expectations back then. Well, this second honeymoon can be the best "revenge", as this time you can plan it without the distractions and pressure you had when you were planning your wedding.

What should I do on my second honeymoon?

Once you've decided to go on a second honeymoon after all, you might be confused on how to start planning. First things first, you should decide on a destination and go through all the necessary honeymoon preparation steps. Whether you want to go on a weekend getaway nearby or somewhere more exotic, the ideas below can help you think of things to do on your second honeymoon trip.

1. Go as a couple

A honeymoon is the moment you and your partner have the time to celebrate love together. By all means, go as a couple and only as a couple. That's right, leave other people at home. Add some romance to your trip and reconnect with the love of your life—as for the kids, well, they'll be happy to have their grandparents spoil them for a while.

2. Renew your vows

These days, many couples delight in renewing their wedding vows during their second honeymoon. May it be done along with other couples, such as in sunset ceremonies held a few times a year at the Don CeSar Resort and Spa in St. Pete Beach, Florida, or a romantic union done in solitude, renewing your love might mark a marriage milestone to look forward to in the second honeymoon.

3. Pamper yourself

The second honeymoon is about being a little selfish as a couple. Give yourself permission to enjoy anything and everything. Book some relaxing spa appointments, bask in the sun upon white crystalline sand, and trace the beach hand-in-hand under a million stars.

4. Embark on an adventure

So maybe you're not as young as you were the first time around, but that shouldn't be an excuse for being slouchy. Plan an adventure around the city, find interesting classes you can sign up for, and carve the best memories from every moment.

5. Surprise each other

After being held down by mundane activities every single day, this is the perfect time to surprise each other. Your second honeymoon can pave the way for a more solid and joyous foundation for your marital journey. So, might it be spontaneous or planned, surprise your partner, make each other happy, and feel the passion as it rekindles the spark.

Where should I go on my second honeymoon?

Everyone knows marriage is a long journey and the reward of blissful marriage comes hand-in-hand with constant efforts and huge responsibilities. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect place for your second honeymoon.

1. A place that the both of you have never visited before

It's always nice to have an adventure at a place you've never visited before. You can join a local tour, or try getting a map and explore! Yes, you might get lost once or twice, but you should take it as a great opportunity to create lasting memories and have a lot of fun together. This experience will excite your adventurous soul and help you form a deeper bond during the more mature and sensible phase of your marriage.

2. A place that the both of you have dreamed about

Do you have a place that the both of you have been saying for a while, "We'll go there someday," or perhaps, a plan that both of you have been postponing over the years due to endless responsibilities and milestones? Now is the time to retrace your conversations and find the common thread of your dream honeymoon destination.

3. A place that has the best memories in your marriage journey so far

Visiting new places and dream destinations must be nice, but another option is to revisit the place where you had your first honeymoon. Plan the trip at the exact same city and hotel, reminisce the bliss of getting married to the love of your life, and reignite the spark you had as newlyweds. You might try other activities, but being there will have you both replaying fond memories and having a good laugh together.

The dos and don'ts of second honeymoons

Can't wait to go on your second honeymoon already? Before you start booking flights and hotels, read some important dos and don'ts that will help you plan it right.

1. Do prepare a schedule

You might need more than just a long weekend, so make sure you make some arrangements before you are off to go. Arrange important matters such as asking your relatives to take care of your children while you're on vacation or simply setting a holiday notification for your office email.

2. Don't over-schedule your honeymoon

Keep your schedule flexible, as you don't know what might happen along the way. Even though it's your chance to go somewhere you have always dreamed of, packing your honeymoon schedule to the fullest won't exactly give you the time of your life.

3. Do leave the kids behind

It's okay to be selfish this time, you can bring your kids along during their school holiday later. But this time, it's all about the two of you and that's it.

4. Don't use it to solve your relationship problems

A second honeymoon can be a sweet escape, but it's not a way to erase the root of your marital problems. It's a chance for you to enjoy the companionship of each other without any trouble, but it won't fix any underlying problems in your relationship.

5. Do the planning together

As you've spent more time together as you are married, you should understand more about what activities or places that you and your spouse enjoy the most together. Pick one that has been on both of your bucket lists for quite some time or a place that the both of you have kept talking about wanting to visit.

6. Don't get busy with your phone

In today's tech-savvy era, it's a common sight to see everyone, even couples, being glued to their own phones. Try to restrict your smart phone usage and if possible, leave it behind at your hotel room safe for a few hours.

7. Do more couple activities

It's not about you or him, but the two of you. So, make sure to find things to do that the both of you can enjoy together.

8. Don't be uptight

One thing to remember is to always keep your sense your humor intact. All your plans might go awry or sometimes things can go wrong even when you've planned it perfectly. Just enjoy every moment no matter what and always choose to use it as a story worth telling when you are home.

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