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Pop of Color: Dusty Blue


Even though this color has a shabby feel to it, having dusty blue in your palette won't make your wedding drab or dull. What's lovely about dusty blue is its ability to match various types of color combination without seeming odd. Imagine dusty blue combined with maroon and gold; such a rich and glamorous match. In the middle of white and olive, it will too, be as pretty. To make it extra glamorous, we also love to combine dusty blue with metallic shades, like silver, gold or rose-gold.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate the charm of dusty blue to your wedding elements. Slide through these pictures and be inspired.

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Photography: via ; Rylee Hitchner

Wedding Invitation

There are always countless options when it comes to invitations. These ones use dusty blue envelopes but you sure can experiment with illustrations and designs. Also, compliment it with white, silver or gold for a more dazzling effect.

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Photography: Anastasia Belik

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Photography: Laura Gordon; JoPhoto

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Photography: Sylvie Gil; 1486 Photography

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Photography: via ; via

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Photography: Heather Kincaid ; Doc. Etsy

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Photography: via ; KT Merry

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Photography: My Mint Photography; Laura Gordon

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