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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring


The tradition of wearing wedding rings goes a long way back, and is even believed to have been practiced by the ancient Egyptians! The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as this particular finger was believed to have the "vena amoris", Latin for a vein that is directly connected to the heart. Although science has proved this wrong many centuries ago, we think the ring finger and the wedding ring around it are still really important. After all, your wedding ring symbolizes the union of two people in the sacred bond of marriage.

Since you and your spouse will wear only one pair for the rest of your life, choosing your wedding rings is not something to be taken lightly. Before pinning down one ring style to use forever, get to know the different types of wedding rings that can fully suit your personality.

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Engravings are a great way to add personal touches that make your wedding ring especially yours. There are so many options out there, however, that you and your partner might struggle to find the one that perfectly represents your personalities. Worry not, as we've narrowed down six categories of wedding ring engravings along with some examples. What engraving will you put on your wedding ring? Tell us in the comment sections below.

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Initials or wedding date
The easiest and simplest option, engrave your wedding ring with your initials or wedding date. This might not be the most original or exciting idea out there, but it's foolproof, romantic, and can be used by any couple. You can have only your wedding date, only your initials, or even both at the same time. You can also have your initials on your spouse's ring and vice versa.

1. WA & LK
2.John and Jill / John & Jill / John loves Jill
3.WA & LK 29-09-14

Meaningful phrases
Another idea that you can try is to use your favorite romantic phrases, or better yet, sentences with a personal meaning that only the two of you understand. As a variation to your mother tongue, you can use a phrase in a different language or Latin for an old-school touch.

1. Semper amemus (Let us always love - Latin)
2.Walk of eternity
3.百年好合 (Happily ever after - Chinese)

Using scriptures as ring engravings is great for religious couples who would like to be reminded of their spirituality every day.

1. God bless this marriage
2.Whom God has joined together let no man put asunder

Humorous phrases
If you two are the fun and playful type of couple, why don't you try adding a humorous engraving that will never fail to put a smile on your face?

1. Non-refundable
2.May the force be with us
3.You're stuck with me now!

Literary excerpts
If you're part of an artsy, book-loving pair, using excerpts from your favorite novel or poem sounds truly romantic, indeed. But even if you're not that bookish, you can still look into some famous literary excerpts to inspire you as they are really beautifully crafted and composed.

1. I have loved none but you. (Persuasion – Jane Austen)
2.Forever, you and me, everyday (The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks)
3.My reason for life (Atonement – Ian McEwan)

This idea may sound a bit unusual, but we're positive that this will work great once you try it. Your fingerprints are very special, as no two people in the world have the exact same fingerprints. With you and your spouse's fingerprints engraved on it, your wedding ring will symbolize how you sacred union brings together only the two of you, and no one else.

Wedding coordinates
Find the exact coordinates of your wedding location and engrave them onto your wedding bands. If you're having a travel themed-wedding, this idea will work especially well.

Mismatched wedding bands
Tradition has imprinted in our minds that wedding bands should be identical for both the bride and groom. However, as the latest trend of having mismatched wedding rings shows us, having a bit of difference is not only beautiful, it's also fun and personal. As it is about creativity, choosing mismatched wedding bands has become a way for brides and grooms to freely explore options that completely suit their preferences and personality. There are several variations you can try when it comes to arranging mismatched wedding ring set. Slide through to find out more about this trend.

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Mismatched Colors

Different materials mean different shades of color. Gold, for instance, comes in yellow, white, and rosy tones. Platinum and titanium, on the other hand, might seem as argent as plain silver. There is, however, a technique to make it darken towards the shade of pewter, ebony even. If you and your fiancé have different preferences of wedding ring colors, it's totally fine to pick different materials or even have a duo-tone ring if you like.

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How to take care of your wedding jewelry
Now that you have the perfect wedding ring, we're sure you want to keep it in tip-top condition even long after the wedding day ends. However, wearing your wedding ring daily will inevitably get it exposed to some chemicals that might dull its shine overtime. That doesn't mean you should just leave your wedding ring at home, though. Aside from bringing it to your trusted jeweler, here are some simple home-remedies to bring back the sparkle.

To avoid scratches and exposure to perfume or lotion, you need to make sure that your gold jewelry is the last thing you put on when you're dressing up in the morning and the first one you take off when you get home. And remember, before putting every piece in separate velvet boxes or zipped plastic bags, you should clean it with cotton ball or very soft cloth to remove any dirt and dust.

Exposure to chemicals in cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, or cleaning products certainly needs to be avoided. If your jewelry gets exposed to any of those chemicals, you can take it to the jeweler then ask them to steam and buff it until it gets back its beautiful shine. For an easy home remedy, dip your gold jewelry in warm soapy water, but be sure to not use anti-bacterial soap.

The best storage advice for silver is to lock it in an airtight plastic zip bag with low humidity, as air exposure may tarnish your silver pieces. Another way to polish silver is by using a microfiber cloth. Rubbing your jewelry with this special flannel will remove any scratches. However, if this method doesn't work, you could try to wash it using warm water and an ammonium-phosphate-free soap. Then, polish your silver with baking soda paste.

In order to keep your silver in good condition, you should avoid handling any household chemicals while wearing the jewelry. Also, when going swimming or sunbathing, don't forget to take it off as exposure to sunlight will tarnish its silvery shine. Last but not least, avoid exposure to beauty products like lotions, perfume, and hair spray as well.

Platinum is well-known for its durability; nevertheless, it's not immune to scratches. It's suggested that you clean platinum periodically to enhance its shine by taking it to your trusted jeweler. For an easy home solution, simply use warm water and soap, then brush it using a soft-bristled brush or soft cloth. To remove any grease, dip the jewelry in rubbing alcohol for the most effective cleaning method.

Even though harsh chemicals like bleach will not do much harm to platinum, platinum jewelry is usually paired with diamonds and other gems which are vulnerable to those chemicals. Just as a precaution, avoiding these kinds of exposure will give your platinum a more lasting shine.

Diamond and other gemstones
Originally popular for engagement rings, diamonds and other gemstones are now widely used to accessorize wedding rings. If your wedding ring has diamonds or any other gemstone, you should be careful as they can get a bit loose overtime. So before doing any heavy-duty activities, such as sports or house chores, it's best for you to take off your wedding ring first. By doing so, you can avoid any unfortunate bumping or knocking which might cause your diamond to be flawed.

One thing you can do to prevent dullness on diamonds is to avoid beauty products and lotions when wearing your jewelry. Also, take your jewelry off when you're swimming, as the chlorine inside the water can corrode the diamond or any gemstone you're wearing. Another common mistake people usually do is wearing precious stones while taking a shower. Hygiene products contain some amount of soap. The soap will form a layer of film on the diamond that causes it to look dull. So, you should always take your jewelry off before taking a shower.

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