Flowers and Beyond: The Flowers of September

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Many might think that spring and summer are the prime seasons for flowers to bloom, and when comes autumn, goes the flowers. If you ever worry about having a flowerless wedding in autumn which starts on September, get to know these ten flowers that reach their peak on this very month.

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    Also known as narcissus, this flower comes in yellow or white color and is guaranteed to get you smiling. Its unique trumpet corona and petals make them a wonderful addition to your wedding

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    Freesia is one of the most fragrant flowers and was originated in South Africa. They come in plenty of colors like red, pink, yellow, orange, with white being the most common. For its fragrance, freesia will be a lovely decoration element; except on the centerpiece for its scent might meddle with your guests’ taste buds.

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    Up next is the versatile gerbera. Aside from its versatility, they're beautifully colored, easy to find, and very economical. They're also very sturdy to withstand the autumn breeze, the more reason to have it in your wedding.

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    This bloom also has a very strong fragrance; having them inside your venue will beautifully scent the whole room. They’re also very showy with their bright color, full petals and colored edges; perfect for glamorous weddings.

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    Rarely used, yet is very beautiful. They’re fragrant, showy, and have a very unique shape (the little crown in the middle of the flower). Magnolia is symbolized with purity and perfection, meaningful values to associate with any wedding.

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    Due to the many variations of orchids, the ones in season on September are the slipper, mini cymbidium, and cymbidium. These sturdy flowers are exotic, and perfect for a tropical wedding.

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    The classic sweetheart, roses are easiest to get on any month and season. For its abundance of color, you can get ones that has autumn colors like crimson red, orange, or yellow very easily.

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    The snapdragon flower is called so for its resemblance to the face of a dragon. It’s linked with graciousness and it makes a great filler flower for any arrangement.

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    Even though often used as a resemblance of summer, sunflower is a wonderful flower for autumn weddings, for its lovely yellow color sets in warmth into a wedding.

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    Zinnias are one of the easiest flowers to grow and they bloom wonderfully too, adding a gracious color burst to your wedding. Aside from the color, zinnias also have a beautiful value behind it, lasting affection.


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