Exquisite Bridal Dress Trends from the Bridal Fashion Week

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Even though the 2016 New York Bridal Fashion Week has passed, its hype and excitement are still lingering on our minds and we bet on yours too. How can it not, with the number of impeccable dresses by notorious designers filling every runway? Some well-known names like Carolina Herrera, Reem Acra, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, and Vera Wang flaunted their collections, exposing various trends for every kind of bride. That's not all. The hair trend was also evident in the shows, providing more inspirations for every fashion lover and bride-to-be. In that case, you've come to the right place, as today's article on the Bridal Fashion Week will cover everything there is to know about the event. Sit tight, relax, and let's get to it.

What are designers saying about next year's trend?

Looking at the beautiful array of dresses gracing the runway, it's pretty clear that the trends revolved around a few things. Feminine details marked with beautiful embellishments and sequins dominated the runway; perfect for the classic bride. One of the designers, Ines Di Santo, drew her inspiration from a bride standing in front of a sunlit morning window, producing many incredibly light and feminine dresses. Some others took a step further from femininity, challenging the boundaries of sexuality. Soft and bold forms of transparent and sheer details along with plunging necklines and cutouts rained on the dresses and appealed much to daring brides. As Carolina Herrera said, "Brides have to be beautiful, confident, and seductive. You have to leave a little to the imagination."

On the other side of the sphere are dresses for the playful brides. Some designers took a playful notch and played with more dramatic details on their designs. As Karen Craig of Marchesa said, "We were quite playful this time". Reem Acra also took the turn on being playful with the jewel crusted headphones worn by her models on the runway sporting her one-of-a-kind dresses. Another rising trend is convertible dresses, convertible meaning you can use it as an elegant ceremonial dress and a sexy party attire just by removing the layer skirt. A very interesting line up for next year that you sure can't miss.

Slide through the slider below and check out some interesting styles recurring on the shows that will most sought after on this following year.

  • Photography: Royal Design Indonesia

    Dynamic Appliqués

    Whether it’s fur or flower-like, 3D appliqués have truly become an eye-catching detail for each of these dresses. Their presence surely makes a dress looks more dynamic and enchanting. With the abundance of details, it’s obvious that dresses like these would fit very nicely in a glamorous wedding filled with lush decorations.

  • Photography: Josh Gruetzmacher

    The Sexy Back

    The backless detail would be a wonderful option for brides that are bold, with a daring fashion sense. The back-baring trend will not only put all attention on you, but it will also enhance that classy look with elegant sexiness. This kind of dress will look tremendously good worn in a venue and decoration that is of course, as classy and elegant.

  • Photography: Michael and Carina

    Graphic Geometric

    What we love about geometric details is the fact that it exquisitely transforms a simple dress to one worthy of wedding parties. These symmetrical dresses remind us of the roaring 20s era, making it almost too real of a vision to see the dresses in the middle of a Great Gatsby-themed wedding.

  • Photography: Vero Suh

    The Two-Piece

    One trend that we’ve seen rising these days is the two-piece wedding dress. Commonly consisting of a crop top and skirt, this kind of style breathes ease and modern without failing to exude the bridal charm of the wearer. As a tribute to its simplicity, we can really imagine it worn by a bride in the middle of a simple setting which still exudes a certain glow.

  • Photography: Jasmine Lee

    The Hi-Low Mullet

    The hi-low skirt is a lovely variation of the traditional wedding dress that definitely adds a little drama. It's amazing how such little detail can bring a big impact to the overall look of a dress, don’t you think? Since the dress sparks a lot of excitement already, might as well go big with it. Can you imagine entering the wedding hall stepping down majestic flight of stairs in that dress? Extraordinarily chic!

  • Photography: Graham Terhune

    The High Slit

    High-slit wedding dresses always bring to mind a bride that’s conservative but is bold enough to breach borders of the ordinary. The slit usually comes as the element of surprise that’s also great for brides to show off those long legs. High slits also evoke a sense of convenience, thus the décor inspiration we pair it with also looks comfortable while still looking pretty.

  • Photography: Olivia Leigh

    Romantic Layers

    Still with the skirt variation, now comes the pretty layers. Some dresses in the show come with a skirt that is a stack of layers, defining different heights for the dress. These layers help to bring such a romantic feel about the dress and it would be so perfect for romantic brides. The décor inspiration also revolves around dimly lit lights and fabric drapery that exude an amorous glow in a wedding.

  • Photography: Angga Permana Photo

    Modest Long-Sleeves

    This is a timeless style that will always be pretty, the modest long-sleeved dress. Aside from covering the bride's arms, long sleeves help bring out a timeless and feminine glow that surely attracts traditional brides everywhere. Having that in mind, we thought this dress would be amazing in the midst of a traditional all-white wedding with a lot of flowers.

  • Colored Wedding Dress

    For brides daring to defy the traditional white-wedding dress rule, the colored wedding dress seems like a brilliant option. From soft blush and ivory to dazzling silver and gold, there are definitely limitless options you can choose from. To really do justice to these dresses and let their color show, why not wear them amid an all-white setting? The color of the dress will pop, definitely creating the desired impact.

  • Photography: Olivia Leigh

    Off-Shoulder Dresses

    The off-shoulder detail always makes a beautiful addition to any dress, as it brings in the needed variation into a dress. The thing about this detail is the fact that it can be an alluring detail on a dress without being too revealing or overtly sexy, rather. Hence, the beautifully elegant décor inspiration that comes with it.

  • Photography: Eikona Design

    Outer Skirts

    Another trend that is currently seen quickly rising is the outer skirt style. Commonly, the dress will have a sheath inner skirt, with another skirt overlay that brings the dress to a whole new level. Perfect for fashion-forward brides if you ask us, and this style would truly fit a glamorous wedding entirely.

  • Photography: Jose Villa

    Modern Pants

    Another one for the modern bride, is the wedding attire without a skirt but with pants in its place. This style clearly speaks comfort and convenience while also being super stylish, perfect for urban brides that enjoy a more laid-back wedding party. We can easily see the bride lounging easily, mingling with her guests, enjoying the time of her life.

  • Photography: Caili Helsper

    Short Wedding Dress

    The short wedding dress is perfect for chic brides that put convenience at the top of her list. Dresses like this would be so perfect for city hall weddings. If you’re not the type that would be head over heels with city hall wedding but are falling in love with the short dresses, fret not. You can still rock these short beauties as they’re versatile enough for any kind of wedding.

  • Photography: Jose Villa

    Plunging V-Neck

    A plunging neckline is guaranteed to instill a sultry appeal to your whole look. It’s great how this style also brings in an aura of self confidence to anyone who wears it. We can definitely see this dress worn in the midst of this decoration, yet its versatility makes this dress actually adaptable to any kind of wedding you wish.

  • Photography: Julie Paisley

    Alluring Sheer Details

    Sheer details in wedding dresses always amaze us with its ability to soften the overall image of a bride. These details speak allure and femininity without being too girly and we think this simple decoration with plenty of flowers would suit the dress perfectly. The simplicity represents the softness and flowers represent the feminine aura the dress exudes.

  • Photography: Cly by Matther


    Last but not least, the simple dresses. From boat-neck a-line dresses to ankle-length strapless dresses, these classic beauties still mesmerize us with their timeless beauty. These dresses would be fitting enough for any kind of wedding, but if you’re a bride as simple as the dress, then a wedding dinner with only your closest ones would surely be a celebration that speaks most to you.

The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

It's a sure thing that after looking at those gorgeous dresses, you would want to go dress-shopping yourself. Before you do, take a look at these dos and don'ts to avoid unnecessary hassles when doing your wedding dress shopping.

Don't: forget to schedule an appointment

Most dress designers are always on a busy schedule, thus it is very important to schedule an appointment before you drop by their boutique. Not booking an appointment before you go leaves a high risk of not meeting your designer on time or clashing with another client, meaning that your effort of going will not be effective. So before you go, make sure you're scheduled. Also, if you're available, always try to get an early appointment. By doing this, it's guaranteed that you will get the staff most ready and willing to help.

Do: bring people you trust

For wedding dress shopping, it's always good to have a second, third, or fourth pair of eyes giving opinions on the dress you have on. Due to the stress of wedding planning or perhaps after looking at too many wedding dress inspirations, your eyes may get weary and your judgments may be clouded, making it impossible to see objectively. Bring some of your most trusted people with you, who will tell you the truth and not only what you want to hear. Note that you should not take too many people; too many heads, too many opinions, too much confusion for you. Keep the group small and intimate; we suggest to bring your maid of honor, fiancé (if he's allowed to see the dress before the wedding), mother, or wedding planner.

Don't: come clueless

Being knowledgeable is always a good start. When shopping for a dress, don't be clueless about the kind of wedding dress you want, especially if you're meeting a designer to have it custom-made. Do your own research first to find out what you like and be clear about it when meeting with the designer. Don't be afraid to ask questions though as this will help you gain more needed information about your dress.

Do: Consider your body type and size

Always consider your body type and size when choosing a wedding dress style. A few tips: one, pick a style that flatters your figure. For instance, sleeveless wedding dress for brides with toned arms or a high slit for brides wishing to show off their long legs. Two, don't buy a dress a size smaller than the actual size you measure on the day of fitting, with the hopes that by the time you have to wear the dress you've shed some weight. Dress comfortably and don't be stressed with the sizes. If you happen to lose weight, you can always make some more dress alterations. Number three, don't purchase a dress that shows the parts of body you desire to conceal. A wedding dress should make you look prettier, otherwise the dress is just not worth it.

Don't: forget to consider theme and venue

Still related to the previous point, also consider your theme and venue. Some dresses would be more suitable for some weddings than the other, meaning you would have to carefully consider the style of the dress you choose on your wedding day. Here are a few examples. A ball gown would not suit a beach wedding since it will overpower the setting and look dirty because of the sand. Instead, use a simple sheath dress or something knee- or tea-length to really fit the theme and venue. Don't forget that accessories matter too. Choosing what type of veil or headpiece you wear should also be done bearing the theme and venue in mind. Take that beach wedding; it would be nicer to have a simple flower crown or braid rather than a lengthy cathedral veil.

Do: Calculate accessories and alterations

It's most probable that we're all tied down to a certain budget when wedding dress shopping. With that in mind, remember that you also have to spend for accessories and any dress alterations later so that you don't spare a limited amount of money on the wedding dress budget.


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