Avoid these 4 sentences to keep your relationship happy!

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In one relationship – even the healthiest ones – conflicts are inevitable. It's true that a little disagreement here and there wouldn't hurt; however, it is not uncommon that the smallest conflicts set off the war alarms – which typically happen without a good conflict management. Well, my friend, to avoid making each other crazy, here are some sentences you might want to dismiss before it ruins your relationship.

1. .…because I said so.

This, my dear, is the sentence that would most likely to trigger the war alarms. When one person says this, it shows dominance over the other person, and our bet is on this: nobody likes to be dominated. The lack of equality in a relationship will kill the intimacy.

2. You never…

Whatever words are after that, it never sounds good; because usually, whatever starts with 'you never', is usually something that the other person does. For example, 'You never take out the trash!' while in fact, he occasionally takes out the trash, but just not tonight. For the other person, this sentence would definitely hurt, because it means that the effort is not appreciated.

3.You always…

To the opposite of the previous point, this is just as deadly – and it also never sounds good. For example, 'You always choose your friends over me,' while in fact, he spends most of his weeks with you, even by canceling on his buddies just yesterday, but just not that day. After all, it again, comes down to feel unappreciated.


…or the deadly silent treatment. Uh-oh, this is, by far, is the most dangerous one. While people often say that silent is golden; no, my friend – when it comes to a relationship, silent is never golden. Your silent treatment will never give him the chance to know what it is that you really want, and will never solve your problem. If you want to give yourself a room to breathe in an emotional situation, you may just as well communicate with him, for example, 'Babe, I think I need some time to be alone because I am really mad at you' (real honesty, my dear).

Whatever the situation is, a good conflict management can be trained by first, training a good communication skill – and of course, to avoid these four deadly sentences.


  • Photography: Peter and Veronika Photography

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