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Established in 2013, Royal Design has always been the ultimate go-to vendor for every bride who dreams of a grand and enchanting vibe throughout their wedding venue, filled with flowers, amazing light-works that reflect the couple's personality. Their expertise in transforming a regular space into a memorable place to celebrate nuptials is simply undeniable. In this month's Ask an Expert, the amazing pros behind Royal Design are here to answer the questions about wedding flowers, decoration and lighting topic that are on every bride's mind.

Q: With so many choices out there, how can a bride pick the right wedding decorator?
A: Be aware that every vendor has their own signature style and design. Do a lot of research and ask for their previous works and projects. If you have found whose sense of style and ideas align with yours, and most importantly within your budget, hire them.

Q: What should a bride prepare on the first meeting with their wedding decorator?
A: Some brides came to us without any vision of the wedding, and that's fine. We'll try our best to help you figure out the theme and concept. But if you're the kind of bride with clear ideas and outlook about the wedding, please bring along some visual references to facilitate our design process.

Q: How can a bride trim her budget when it comes to decoration and flowers?
A: You can save quite a significant amount of money by focusing on the most important parts of the décor, like bridal stage and centerpieces. Keep your priorities straight and don't be tempted to add numerous small, trivial details that are unrelated to your theme.

Q: What are the wedding decoration trends right now?
A: A lot of Indonesian couples are starting to go for an intimate wedding rather than the big and complex ones. Even though the celebration is smaller in size, but the couples wouldn't skimp on the decoration. We receive a lot of request for garden-themed weddings with a touch of woodland elements. Another hot trend is everything with soft, rosy gold tones.

Q: What about the trends that people are starting to leave behind?
A: Seating area with round dining tables. People tend to pick the long, rectangular ones now, even though it costs more. Well, it does look more elegant and sophisticated.

Q: What is the most important thing a bride should remember when picking a theme?
A: The color palette should match the couple's personality and also the venue. Don't get stuck with trendy colors and details, you should try to keep it classy and timeless.

Q: What are the most common mistakes a bride could do when creating a wedding concept?
A: Many brides pick themes without considering the venue. In the end, the whole affair would look out-of-sync and inconsistent. There are also brides who hold on to their childhood fantasy. If the vendor couldn't translate the vision well, the wedding would look like a birthday bash instead.

Q: Do you have any advice for brides who are planning their wedding in less than 6 months?
A: Although the ideal time-frame for wedding planning is 6-10 months, we do handle some weddings with less preparation time. Make sure you find a decorator right away because the whole planning and designing process requires optimum timing. The key is coordination.

Q: What is Royal Design's signature style?
A: Our signature style is crafting classic materials into modern pieces. You can also see how we love to play with natural elements like fabulous fresh flowers and plants to create an enchanting-garden feel.

Q: So, how important is lighting in a wedding?
A: Very important. You'd want your wedding to look incredible in every picture, right? Lighting also helps to create nuance and ambience to the wedding area and highlight all the pretty details for every guest to enjoy.

Q: Any tips for ever-lasting flowers throughout the celebration?
A: Each petal included in the arrangement and bouquet should be treated with a special vitamin to last longer. Keep them under a shade and don't forget to spray them with water to avoid dehydration.


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