A Sweet and Relaxed Pre-wedding Album That Radiates Love

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Believe it or not, Dinda was not interested in Abi when they were first acquainted with each other. It was not his personality that turned her away. It was the fact that Abi was the ex-boyfriend of Dinda's best friend! Funny, Dinda's best friend actually encouraged her to get to know Abi better. "Abi was always a shy person, so I never met him when he was still dating my best friend. I also thought it was weird to go for my best friend's ex, so I told her I wasn't interested," confessed Dinda.

A few months later, the two accidentally met as both went out with Dinda's best friend on the same day. Dinda still had her doubts back then, scared that it will be too awkward for her and Abi to spend time together. "My best friend told me to just try it out. And she was right, after four months I felt like we really connect, and the rest is history," she recalled. The two lovebirds have always been committed with each other and talked about marriage a lot.

Finally, Abi decided to have a romantic night planned to propose to Dinda. He booked a table at a prestigious restaurant and pocketed the ring that he was going to pull out during the dinner. However, Dinda unexpectedly had a busy day, filled with meetings from morning until late in the evening. She canceled the dinner with Abi, which flustered him. Out of spontaneity, he seized other opportunity of the two being alone in his car to propose to her. Dinda thought it was way more romantic than having it done at the restaurant. "He gave me an adorable speech, and I loved how intimate and private that moment was. I naturally said yes!" exclaimed Dinda.

Their love story was what inspired the concept for their pre-wedding album. Sweet, innocent, serene, yet out-of-the-box, modern, and cutting edge. Dinda and Abi felt relaxed and didn't try too hard to look like the perfect couple. The duo already had a chemistry that can be easily seen by anyone around them. Journal Portraits had no trouble capturing their warmth, which radiates through the pictures.

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