A Modern and Timeless Pre-Wedding of Jhony and Sara

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The first time Jhony and Sara approached their photographers, they have expressed that they wanted simple yet timeless photos. "After a few discussions, we went for a more modern, minimalist theme. From there, we started choosing the locations for the photoshoot," explained one of the photographers. For the first photoshoot, Studio Kini was chosen as the perfect place that can provide enough sunlight to make the photos look warm and romantic.

They did two concepts for the studio photoshoot. The first one follows an edgy, monochrome concept where the couple dressed up in semi formal attire. The bright backlight against where Jhony and Sara stood created an incredible silhouette. The second concept took place in the same studio, but is more relaxed and isn't monochromed. The two wore casual wear and is pictured sharing laughter with each other. Then, photographer Herna Cartriene made use of a small garden right outside of the studio to capture Jhony and Sara chasing one another and being playful around nature.

The second photoshoot was shot around the city of Jakarta, even inside the MRT. The general outdoor concept of this photoshoot is to make the photos look like they were out on a date. "Jhony and Sara are quite easy to photograph, they were patient and followed direction well. They'd abide any spontaneous ideas that we have, which made the photoshoot fun," expressed Aldo Ariando, the photographer from Bubble Photography responsible for the outdoor photoshoot. The majority of their photos are candid, which were way more romantic than posed photos. Whenever a posed photo is needed, they simply told the couple to act naturally, freeze, and then looked at the camera or to a specific point.

An advice that the talented outdoor photographer offers for couples who are about to plan their pre-wedding album is to find a photographer that suits your pre-wedding album visions. "Everyone has different preferences. Let your photographers know what you want, and on the D-Day of the photoshoot, let them create based on the agreed upon concept or theme."


  • Photography: bubble photography , Herna Cartriene

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