8 Unwritten Social Media Etiquettes for Weddings

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Social media is a big part of our lives, which makes it also a big part of most weddings. It has completely taken over what used to be one of the most private events in a person's life. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, there are tricky conditions that may lead to uncomfortable situations when it comes to social media postings. Even if it's a platform on which you can freely express yourself, there are several unwritten rules you have to adhere to, especially for such a private, intimate, and joyous occasion. Keep reading to find some tips to make sure you are not committing a social media faux pas for your celebration!

Tell your inner circle personally – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter might be the most efficient way to announce your engagement, but your loved ones will want to hear it straight from you first. Some of them might even be disappointed that they have to find out via social media and not from your own lips!

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Keep engagement ring details to yourself – Everyone will be thrilled to hear about your engagement and surely can't wait to see the ring. When you post a photo of the ring, however, do leave out some details of the caption. Nobody needs to know the price, carat, or where he had got it from. It will only sound like you're bragging. The point of this ring is to symbolize the commitment you're making, not the cost you're spending.

Don't use social media to invite someone to be in your bridal party – An invitation to join your bridal party is a statement of how much you value your friends or family. Don't take away that memorable moment from them by asking them via social media. Instead, take them out for brunch or an intimate dinner. If they are far away, plan a video call. Talk to them in person so that you can share the moment and experience.

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Set up a wedding hashtag or even a website – It's the source to share all your wedding details and information with your guest. Don't hesitate to ask guests to share photos of themselves as they prep for your wedding or them taking pictures by your wedding arch. They would definitely feel more included and think about all the memories you will have after the wedding is over!

Don't overshare – Oversharing wedding details on social media not only has the potential to make those who aren't invited feel bad, but even the invited guests might get tired of it. Give your guests the surprise of seeing certain things in your wedding for the first time. Avoid posting detailed updates of your flowers, dress, or even menu tasting, so that guests have these things to look forward to.

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Notify your guest of your "unplugged' desire – Annoying your guests by asking them to hand over their phone is not a good start, but you should let them know that you appreciate it if they don't fiddle with their phone during the wedding processions. You can put it on your wedding invitation or website, or ask the wedding officiant to make a statement before the ceremony. Either way, it's more respectful than having a cell phone police calling out your guests and embarrassing them.

Keep the drama away from spotlight – Keep your wedding drama to yourself. Never post your complaints or arguments regarding your bridal party, wedding vendors, your family and friends, or anything else wedding-related on social media. Maybe you need to get it out of your system, but you can never take back the screenshots people are taking and the gossips that are already spreading. Worst comes to worst, you might lose your vendor and even friends.

Be considerate of what you upload – We know you've spend a fortune for a good photographer and want to share them. You may look great in most pictures, but more often than not there are some people in the background with unflattering angles or are doing something embarrassing. Be attentive to what you post online; some might feel uncomfortable with you posting certain photos of them. This probably goes without saying, but make sure any photo you post is flattering for you and everyone in the picture.

Do you have other etiquettes we've missed? Tell us in the comment section below and don't forget to share this article to other wedding enthusiasts like yourself!


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