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5 Useful Tips on Organizing a Budget-Friendly Traditional Wedding


Indonesia is rich in its cultural diversity, so much that an Indonesian usually has a mixture of different ethnicities, therefore bearing different cultures adapted by every family. When an Indonesian couple is married and decides to have a traditional wedding, there's a lot to prepare. Usually, the two families get together to discuss which culture is going to be incorporated for the wedding. They can choose just one specific culture, or a mixture.

Of course, traditional weddings like these add cost into the overall wedding expenditure. For example, if a couple chooses a mixture of two traditions, let's say a Sundanese holy matrimony or akad, and then a Javanese reception, it means that there are two different traditional wedding attires that the couple and families must wear. Not to mention the different makeup styles and rituals. Even a one-culture traditional wedding means more spending. From traditional decorations, which is usually more expensive than modern decorations, to hiring traditional ritual guides and renting traditional properties.

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So, how does one ensure that their budget won't be compromised by spending on traditional wedding needs? Here are some tips from Kenanga Puspitasari, a wedding consultant from Hilda who specializes in planning for traditional weddings:

1. Allocate your budget since the beginning

Kenanga advises every couple to allocate their budget from the start. For example, you can allocate 50% of your total budget for venue and catering. This way, you will be able to spend the right amount of money for the categories that you prioritize the most. When you know your expenditure allocations from the start, it'll be easier to control your spending for the wedding. Keep in mind that traditional weddings have more categories than international weddings, so you might have to do more allocation divisions of your budget.

2. Prioritize your vendors

Prioritizing is also something that couples should do from the beginning of the budget. Couples can do this by taking one to three categories deemed the most important for them, so that they can allocate the appropriate budgets to all the vendors. "For instance, a couple may choose documentation as their number one priority. This means they should spend more on the photography and videography vendors, and spend less on other vendors," explained Kenanga. Don't forget to also negotiate to your vendors in order to receive everything you have planned with the cost that you can afford.

3. Find an all-in rental studio

It is common for those who are throwing traditional weddings to have a rental studio where they get all their traditional attires, from wedding attires worn by the bride and groom to traditional uniforms for the extended families. In order to save more money, it is advised to find a rental studio that can accommodate all the traditional attire needs. From the fabric, the accessories, to the shoes, your rental studio should have it all. Usually, they offer packages which is a more affordable option for you instead going to different rental studios for different things.

4. Communicate your budget well

An essential part of wedding planning is the communication between the couple and both families. Everyone involved in the wedding planning should be aware of the budget, so that any add-ons will still fall within the budget. Often, the budget for the wedding is shared. It can be only between the two couples or between the two families, or both. Ensure that there's a system in place for the budget sharing, so that everyone knows what they have to pay for. If one person wants to pay more or add something to the expenditure list, ensure that everyone knows and agrees with it before making any transaction. The last thing you'd want is a financial complication between two families who are supposed to be united by marriage.

5. Look for friend/family-vendors

Not to expect for a "friend's rate", but a collaboration with a colleague or a family relative gives you a chance to receive results that are above expectations. To maintain good relationship, you'd better respect their market rate in order to appreciate their profession. Naturally, they will put twice the efforts since you are not merely a client. They would possibly give a service bonus you haven't thought it before, or even a special price.

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