5 Tips on Planning a Korean-Styled Pre-wedding Photos by A Merry Moment

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Every girl has dreamt of having the perfect pre-wedding photo session. With the rise of Korean dramas and Korean celebrities, along with the splash of ethereal wedding photos on Instagram, it's no wonder every girl dreams of having the dreamy look for the photo shoot to mark the most important event of her life. But not everyone can spare the time and cash to fly to Korea to do the photo shoot, so is it possible to have it right here on our sunny island of Singapore? It's definitely possible with just a little homework!

Create a moodboard

A moodboard is an arrangement of images that show a particular style you prefer. Collect photos from Instagram or Pinterest on the overall style that shows the colour, poses, hair, gowns effect that you love and put them together. You can use apps like Meitu or InShot to create collages of the images. Moodboards are very important. They help you decide on the exact style you want and they are useful for you to convey to your photographer what you're looking out for. Your makeup artist can also create the style you're looking for based on what you have collected.

Find the right photographer and makeup artist

Now that you have a good idea of what you want, it's time to find a photographer and makeup artist who can help you realize your dreams. It's important to find a photographer who has the you're looking for, in this case, one with a brighter and more ethereal feel to the photos. Never look for just any photographer, show them your moodboard and expect them to be able to shoot the way you want. Every photographer has a unique and choosing one who has the you're looking for is crucial.

Choosing the right makeup artist is also important. Look through Instagram to see if the makeup artist has experience coming up with the hairstyles you want. In this case, Joanna Tay from Teambride SG created the perfect styles for Sheena Phua for the dreamy K-style look.

Look for locations that provide you with lots of natural light

Light - the most important aspect for beautiful photos. In Singapore, you definitely get lots of light. But often, it's not the most flattering on anyone. It is great if you can go outdoors where there's plenty of light but the timing is crucial as we'll discuss later. But if you can go indoors to places where there is plenty of natural light, it'll be perfect. Daylight studios like The White Space SG and Another Studio provide a lot of daylight in their space. The shots in this post were taken there and as you can see, the surroundings provide a soft light on Sheena and her gowns. There are other indoor locations in Singapore where you can get a fair bit of light indoors as well.

Timing, timing, timing!

From the previous point, if you intend to head outdoors for your photoshoot, then the timing is crucial. It's important to head out early before 7 AM and reach your location at 7 AM to be there while the light is still soft and when it's not too hot and humid. For outdoor shoots, we often advise our couples to end the outdoor segment by 10 AM as the light is often harsh by then and the heat/humidity could cause the makeup and hair to be less ideal.

Hydrate, relax and moisturize

Notice how Korean brides and celebrities often look dewy and radiant in their photos? It's possible for us regular people too! For the brides-to-be, it's important to have a good skincare routine. If you don't regularly do it, it'll be good to at least keep to a routine a few weeks leading up to your pre-wedding shoot and your wedding day itself. Your makeup artist will do her best for you during the shoot but ensuring that your skin is in its prime condition will help you look flawless like the Korean stars you love. In addition, with a perfectly moisturized canvas, the makeup stays on well and for longer periods of time. Drinking lots of water, getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep and moisturizing are just some basic steps to looking great in the photos. If you can, applying a mask every few days would be a great way to moisturize and tighten your skin as well.

What do you think about this Korean-styled photo shoot trend? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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