5 Doubtful Thoughts You Might Have on the Wedding Night

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For some bride-to-be, the thought of how the wedding night would be scarier than all the hassle of wedding party preparation put together. It is quite natural, because the wedding night is the start of countless nights you will share with your husband and it might give a pressure of being the perfect night. Here are five of the most common fears when it comes to the wedding night and how to get over it.

"I'm not confident enough to let him see me naked."

If you're completely comfortable with someone, then you will feel better about baring all in front of them, including what is underneath your clothes. Through a good communication with your spouse regarding this issue, you can help him to help you feel more relaxed about being in your own skin.

"What if it hurts so much that I can't stand it?"

Most women have claimed to feel pain on their first time. We're no doctors here, but we've heard that it's because there are muscles that are still resistant. The pain is still actually still bearable, unless you have a more serious medical condition. Just ask your husband to be gentle and over time, you will find sex no longer painful, but pleasurable. However, if it still hurts after a while, you might want to consult with your doctor.

"I'm afraid that I'll be clumsy and awkward."

To be all awkward and clumsy is natural if you've never done it before. But any awkwardness can be enjoyable too. So, instead of feeling embarrassed about it, laugh it off with your spouse. Sex should be fun and both of you should feel good about it.

"Won't we be too tired from all the partying, to enjoy our first night?"

That is a possibility. But let's not forget about adrenaline. Some couples get too excited about their highly anticipated wedding night that they are able to deny any sign of fatigue. Just play it by ear. Talk about how you're feeling to your spouse. If you think that you will be more comfortable after a good night's sleep, then you might want to prolong the anticipation, just a little bit longer.

"Will I be great in bed?"

It's your first time. You don't need to rush into or even proof anything. Breathe in and relax. Practice makes perfect. Anyway, you did promise, "for better or for worse", right?

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