16 Delightful Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

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More than just a sweet end note to a wedding dinner, dessert has become one of the things that guests look forward to on a wedding day. It's no wonder, then, that we've been spotting so many different styles of dessert tables in recent celebrations.

As you can see below, a well-crafted sweet corner can be part of your decorations and tie an entire wedding theme together. Just click through the slideshow to find 16 ideas for planning a delightful dessert corner.

  • Pastel colors

    It’s no secret that soft pastel colors look great on cakes and other sweet desserts. Look how good this dessert corner looks! We think that this sweet corner works especially well for couples planning a romantic and elegant wedding with a neutral color palette.

  • Tropical

    We can’t get enough of tropical wedding themes filled with vibrant colors. This fun dessert table definitely deserves a spot in your summertime beach wedding or intimate celebration. Don’t forget to add fresh fruits, juices, and other tasty refreshments to enhance the tropical atmosphere.

  • Candy party

    Don’t limit yourself to only cakes or cupcakes when planning a wedding dessert table. Take a look at this dainty sweet corner with its candy-filled jars that will fascinate both children and adult guests alike. Just add some ice cream so the candy can double up as toppings.

  • Beyond the table

    Desserts don’t have to be displayed on a buffet table. Why not place your sweet treats on a hanging display instead, as pictured on the photo above? Putting the desserts on a retro dresser or vanity table is also a great idea that will suit a vintage-themed wedding. Point is, make your sweet corner stand out so your guests can’t miss it.

  • Color-coordinated

    This is a great example of how a dessert table can blend in beautifully with decorations. Take some notes from the photo above and color-coordinate the desserts with your wedding color palette. The gray-and-white marble cake and macaron tower look so harmoniously pretty next to the table runner and white flowers, don’t you think?

  • Halloween-inspired

    Getting married in October or any other time in the fall? Make your guests smile with a seasonal dessert spread inspired by Halloween. Keep things from looking childish or kitschy by choosing an elegant color palette of black and white.

  • Handwritten menu

    Ask your caterer or decorator to list down all the desserts available on your sweet corner. Your guests will definitely appreciate this, especially if some of them are vegans or have food allergies. This is also a great way to introduce your favorite desserts along with the recipes.

  • Bunting flags

    Here’s a simple yet effective dessert table idea that you can do yourself. Buy ready-made bunting flags at a party supplies store or just make your own with some string, paper, and fabrics. Place the flags on your wedding table or display for a fun, festival-inspired vibe.

  • Black and white

    For couples who love minimalism and monochromatic colors, this black-and-white dessert table is the perfect match. The white cake adorned with black flowers and macarons stole our attention in no time. Would you have a dessert corner like this on your wedding day?

  • Thematic delicacies

    Keep every part of your thematic wedding consistent by serving and decorating desserts in the same style. The dessert spread above—with its caramelized apples, mini pies, and rustic decor—would be perfect for a barn wedding, don’t you agree?

  • Trifle galore

    Be it cake, pie, or panna cotta—your favorite dessert deserves a spotlight on the big day. Go even further by only serving different variants of that particular dessert. This looks like an ordinary dessert table from a distance but when you look closely, everything is made out of trifles. What do you think about this idea?

  • Each guest counts

    This is an easy way to cater to every guest in an intimate wedding. Serve an array of desserts and pair them with different condiments and toppings. If children will be attending the wedding, make sure that there’s something for them as well.

  • Citrus fun

    We just couldn’t resist sharing this citrus-themed dessert spread. You can use lemons as decorations and serve citrus-based desserts like lemon meringue cake and lemon curd pie! After the party ends, your guests can also bring home the lemons as wedding favors.

  • Donut wall

    We’ve spotted plenty of donut walls since last year, and we still can’t get enough of them! A donut wall adds a playful touch to any wedding and your guests will keep raving about it even after the party ends. If you want to serve donuts in a simpler way, consider other unconventional displays like the shelf pictured on the left.

  • Flavor marker

    Instead of having different kinds of dessert, you can just offer one type with multiple flavors. Placing flavor markers is a thoughtful gesture that your guests will surely appreciate. You can also mention in the menu if some of the desserts contain allergy-prone ingredients like nuts, for safety precautions.

Which one of these ideas do you like the most? Tell us in the comment box below and reach out to sweet corner vendors to make your dessert table a reality!


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