12 Most Romantic Pre-Wedding Destinations in Hokkaido, Japan

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Hokkaido Island in Japan is adorned with an impressive cluster of mountains and caldera lakes. If you and your partner adore highland so much, having a pre-wedding here is a great option. The prefecture also owns a maritime panorama that makes its nature beauty special. Especially during autumn, those yellowish-red leaves add more romance and drama. For couples who are curious about the neighborhood, you can visit the humble surroundings at the coast with a strong Japanese cultural sense, which is also lovely as a photo spot.

Here are 12 pre-wedding photoshoot destinations in Hokkaido to consider.

  • Lake Shikotsu

    Mountains framing the area with a reflective caldera lake is a true attention stealer. You can stroll around Lake Shikotsu, which is a part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, as well as ride a canoe, or just sit under a lush tree and enjoy local bites.

  • Lake Toya

    What is special about this lake is the tiny island with hills in the middle. When autumn comes, the island is covered with beautiful colors. You can also visit it with a boat. Its charm doesn't stop at night since a daily fireworks parade offers a vibrant yet romantic attraction.

  • Mount Usu Ropeway

    Mount Usu is one of the icons of Hokkaido. A ropeway will take you near the peak where you can enjoy an outstanding view from the top. The panorama of the lake, mountains, to the sea, gives you unlimited photo spots. Don't forget about the pathways leading to the crater, its surroundings are picturesque and dramatic.

  • Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel & Golf Club

    The hotel and golf club owns a massive outdoor area and opens for the public. Each season has a different atmosphere, but all of them are photogenic. There are some picnic tables and seats for you to relax and enjoy nature as you wish.

  • Nanae Gondola

    Different from Mount Usu Ropeway, the Nanae Gondola takes you to the top to enjoy the wilderness view that is brownish on autumn and crystal-like in winter. The area has several decks for taking photos. When it's snowing, the area changes into Hakodate Nanae Snowpark.

  • Kosetsu-en

    If you and your lover are still dreaming of more artistic autumn colors, head to Kosetsu-en, a park in the center of Hakodate. During spring, the cherry blossoms transfer it into a cheerful place. Created in 1989, this place is nationally known as the Place of Scenic Beauty.

  • Forest of The Stone Crazy

    The open-air area is a masterpiece by a legendary Japanese sculpturer, Masayuki Nagare, which was opened in 2002. Located at Nanae, there are 22 unique sculptures inspired by various shapes. The artistic aesthetic collaborating with the prominent nature beauty of Hokkaido brings this place as a top recommendation for a photoshoot.

  • Midori No Shima

    Getting closer to one of Hokkaido's biggest cities, Hakodate, there is a man-made island called Midori No Shima. This tiny island is surrounded by lush greeneries and Hakodate's authentic sea view. This is an excellent place if you and your partner love to explore a contrasting view between nature and a seaside city.

  • Matsumae Castle, Samurai Mansion

    This is where you and your lover can experience an old Japanese way. You can also rent a traditional suit and take photos in the area. The Matsumae Castle is indeed exquisite because surrounded by cherry blossoms, a pond, and a Shinto shrine.

  • Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse & Rickshaw

    It was used to be a factory but is now a shopping destination. A line of brick buildings with vines that lie on the seaside offers a unique atmosphere of downtown. Don't miss riding a rickshaw, Japanese antique transportation, with your lover, and having photos on some historical spots.

  • Monument of Heart

    In Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry, a port for water transportation lies Monument of Heart at the deck facing the sea. It is indeed a unique location, but capturing it during the sunset can result in a memorable photo.

  • Mount Hakodate Ropeway

    If Mount Usu and Nanae offer a majestic nature charm, Mount Hakodate in the city center brings an unforgettable seaside metropolitan view. The lights at night look stunning from the top of Mount Hakodate, which can be achieved by a ropeway ride. This spot is perfect for couples who want to try a night photo.

Below are some recommended accommodations surrounding those destinations.

Toya Kohantei
Stands precisely on the edge of Lake Toya, the hotel is also one of the most wanted hot spring (onsen) destinations in the town. You can experience having a rest in a Japanese style room with tatami while enjoying the fireworks parade from the room's window.

Hakodate Onuma Prince Hotel
Besides a massive and stunning open-air area to explore, the hotel also offers premium comfort. One of its magnets is an extraordinary sight of lush wilderness directly from your hotel room, which relaxes the eyes.

Winning Hotel
Winning Hotel provides an extensive view from the bay to the surrounding buildings. Only meters away from Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, the hotel also offers a rooftop bar where you and your partner can spend the rest of the day.

For your comfort, while exploring Hokkaido, it is recommended to use a digital payment getaway, such as NETSPay. NETSPay is accepted in various commercial places around Hokkaido, such as restaurants and retailers.

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