12 Creative and Affordable DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

by Natasza Kurniawan Apr 11, 2017 | 08:55 in Wedding Ideas  


Weddings are filled with beautiful memories not only for the couple getting married, but also for the guests who came to celebrate. Help your guests savor their memories by preparing a photo booth where they can take pictures to last a lifetime.

The easiest way to do this is by hiring a photo booth vendor or asking your decorator to make a backdrop that suits your wedding theme. If you simply can't stretch your wedding budget any further, don't worry. We've compiled some easy, affordable, and creative ideas for making your own wedding photo booth. See them below.

  • Photography: Vero Suh Photography - via Haute Floral

    Hanging greenery

    Build a structure using wood or metal, or simply use your wardrobe hanger and place a curtain on it. Prepare a few leafy branches—pick them from your garden or ask your florist for leftovers from your flower bouquet—and hang them to your liking. You can go a step further by hanging simple garlands made of leaves.

  • Photography: Noi Tran Photography - Corbin Gurkin Photography


    Look around for black chalkboards—you can use one huge board, a folded blackboard, or a few boards at once. If you have a friend who can do calligraphy or hand-lettering, ask them to write on the board or teach you how to do it. An easier alternative is to print out all the letters and trace them on the blackboard.

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    Head to the nearest fabric shop or art supplies store to look for tassels that match your wedding color palette. Make a garland out of them for a glamorous, 1920s-inspired ambience. For a more relaxed and bohemian look, cut the tassels into different lengths and hang them messily as pictured above.

  • Photography: via Pinterest - via Hip Hip Hooray


    Here’s another affordable way to decorate your wedding photo booth. Just glue some leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper on a simple wooden board, then add a few props like antique furniture or flowers. This idea will work beautifully for a vintage celebration, but feel free to adapt it to any other wedding theme.

  • Photography: M2 photo


    Play around with different sizes, shapes, and textures of empty picture frames to create a 3D photo booth backdrop. This idea will even work for outdoor weddings; hang your frames on a tree or make a simple backdrop from a wooden board painted with your favorite color.

  • Photography: Peggy Saas - Mint Photography


    Calling all vintage and bohemian brides! Here’s a charming DIY photo booth idea for you; showcase your collection of delicate lace doilies and fabrics. You can either place them on wooden boards, frame them, or just sew them together into pretty dream catchers.

  • Photography: Elyse Hall Photography - Jana Marie

    Flowers and feathers

    Make a flower garland from locally-grown flowers that can easily be found at your nearest florist. Turn it into an ombre floral arrangement using similarly-colored flowers. Another option is to spray paint dainty feathers using playful colors for a laid-back kind of wedding. Better yet, why not combine the flowers and feathers?

  • Photography: J. Woodbery Photography - Michele Beckwith


    This is one of the easiest ways to decorate a wedding photo booth. Get a few rolls of ribbons that match your wedding color palette from a craft store or sewing supplies shop; satin, grosgrain, or even paper ribbons will do. Hang them on a simple wooden or metal structure, then add a few decorative props to make the photo booth even prettier.

  • Photography: via Etsy - Munkeat Photography


    This is a photo booth that you and your partner can make together. To make the backdrop on the left, print out circles on metallic art paper, cut them, then hang them on a string or chain. For their rustic wedding in Kuala Lumpur, Ming Lee and Ewe Jin hand-folded a thousand paper cranes on their own. Sure, it required hard work, but the end results and beautiful meaning were worth the effort.

  • Photography: Arture Photography - via Pinterest


    Here’s one way to incorporate this year’s Pantone color of the year, greenery, into your wedding day. Take some notes from Eevonn and Eric’s DIY wedding in Petaling Jaya and make a leafy backdrop of your own. Gather some leaves in different shapes and sizes, then glue them on a white board. If you have extra time, try making hanging wreaths as pictured above.

  • Photography: via Pinterest - Our Labor of Love

    Paper flowers

    Adding flowers is a foolproof way to imbue a sense of romance to any celebration. If real flowers are too expensive, why not opt for paper flowers instead? As you can see from the pictures above, faux flowers don’t always look cheap. You can find plenty of paper flower instructions and templates online; all you need are a few sheets of art paper or crepe, scissors, and glue.

  • Photography: via Imago Vita Photography - via Pinterest

    Wooden pallets

    If you’re throwing a rustic wedding, using wooden pallets as your photo booth backdrop is a great idea. You can spray paint the wooden boards and hand-paint your names and wedding date on them. Or, hang decorative elements like colorful flags or garlands made of crepe paper that are easy to find at any party supplies shop.


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