11 Timeless Relationship Advice That You Should Listen To

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Being in a serious relationship – sometimes you cannot help but need a bit of relationship advice here and there. However, it can be difficult to differentiate between good quality advice to those that are just downright wrong. So, to make your dating life much easier we have rounded up the most timeless bits of relationship wisdom that seems to stick with every couple. Some might sounds a little cliché, but you have to admit it, these tips shed the truth about what's important in a relationship and how to make it last. Share the knowledge with your partner and hopefully, it will create a positive impact to your relationship and love life.

1. Love does not hurt. At no point should you feel belittled, disrespected, abused or taken for granted in the relationship. And if you do, then what you have is merely a mediocre version of love.

2. You shouldn't need him, you should want him. The moment you feel you need your partner is the moment you will be dependent on him for your happiness and self-worth. You should be able to live without your partner but you don't because you simply don't want to.

3. Love is not enough without commitment. Love is not going to be enough to make your relationship last a lifetime. You need a thing called, commitment. It is the glue that will make you and your partner choose to stay together regardless of what difficulties you both may face together.

4. To love is to love in the good but especially in the bad. You don't just love your partner when he is being sweet and when your relationship is smooth sailing. You love him even when you really don't feel like it and when the relationship is undergoing friction. If you can't love him in the bad then you can't love him, period.

5. Don't stop dating each other. Sparks and passion will not be able to live on by themselves without both you and your partner constantly putting in the effort. Keep getting to know one another and keep investing in romance. Otherwise, things will just dwindle and temptation for infidelity can easily creep in.

6. Relationships are work. Whoever said relationships are a walk in the park has never been in a serious and committed relationship before. If you want your relationship to be a great one, you must put in the work, the effort and invest in the relationship.

7. Honesty with diplomacy is the best policy. Being honest is always the best thing to do but don't forget to be sensitive about your honesty either. Blurting out whatever is on your mind without taking your partner's feelings into consideration is only going to backfire.

8. Communication is everything! As much as you may like to hope that your partner can read your mind – he cannot.

9. Know each other's love language. Knowing what your partner appreciates most and vice versa is really going to save you both a lot of misunderstandings. Find out each other's love languages and begin to express your love in the way your partner will best receive it.

10. It won't work without trust. Everyone knows this but not everyone lives by it. Without trust you will never be able to receive love from your partner because nothing they do or say will ever make you believe and have a faith in them.

11. Invest in your friendship together. Friendship is the foundation of your relationship. Get to a point where you would want to be your partner's friend even if you weren't romantically involved.

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