10 Things to Make Your Wedding Extraordinary

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Don't be a typical Singaporean and opt for the safe and convenient wedding, take your wedding a notch up and make it a special day for you and your loved ones to share. Here are some ideas to make your wedding extraordinary!

  • 1.Do a couple dance

Everyone will remember the moment you and your spouse broke out of your shell and hit the dance floor. Be it a dance for amusement or one to move your audience to tears, a couple dance by the bride and groom will surely leave a lasting impression on all your guests and will be remembered for years after.

  • 2.Transform your dress

Wow your audience by transforming your extravagant wedding dress into a classy evening gown right before their eyes. Your wedding will be the talk of the town as they muse about "the dress".

  • 3.Involve your furry friends

Who doesn't love cute animals? Involving your lovable fluffs will surely elicit squeals of delight from your guests. They could be your page boy, flower girl, or simply act as the entertainment of the day as they spread joy and laughter to the celebration.

  • 4.Have a cool theme

Themed weddings make an instant impression on guests as they step into your wedding venue. Be it a rustic affair, a winter wonderland, or a Disney fairytale, choosing a theme and running with it will make your wedding an unforgettable celebration.

  • 5.Personalise your favors

A personal touch goes a long way. Personalising your wedding favors to each guest may require more effort but is a sure way to touch your guests and thank them for being a part of your lives. Some ideas are magnets with each guest's name on it, candle holders with personalised quotes, or even personal messages to each guest if you are holding an intimate wedding.

  • 6.Arrive in style

Revel in the limelight and hire a Kombi van, Vespa scooter, or even a yacht to make a statement as you enter your wedding venue. If you're on a budget, do up your bicycle and cycle your way in for a fun and quirky entrance.

  • 7.It's all about the entertainment

An entertaining wedding dinner is a good wedding dinner. Don't leave it to your guests to entertain themselves, a good band, touching performance, and tear-jerking video will make all the difference between an ordinary wedding and an extraordinary wedding.

  • 8.Don't succumb to the dummy cake

Dummy cakes seem to be an acceptable tradition of Singapore's wedding banquets, but honestly, it comes across as cheap and insincere. Pay a little more for a real wedding cake. It doesn't have to be an extravagant triple tier, a simple design that looks and tastes good will make your wedding stand out from the rest.

  • 9.Make them cry

It may be an ambitious goal, but if you manage to move your guests to tears, you know you've struck a chord that will be etched in their memory. A touching video, handwritten vows, or even just a heartfelt toast might be the key to opening up the floodgates.

  • 10. More than a guest book

Let guests have fun with your guestbook! Allow them to snap a Polaroid and write a message on it, encourage them to get creative with wedding Mad Libs, or ask for their fingerprint to be a part of your wedding tree. These fun and unique guest book ideas help them feel involved and will become precious memories for you to keep.

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