10 Creative and Memorable Wedding Hashtag Ideas

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Unless you've specifically asked your guests to turn off their phones, your wedding moments will be all over their social media. We think you can and should embrace this; think of it as a free and easy way to have an online wedding album. You can even discover funny or heartfelt moments that you might've missed on the big day.

To make things easier for you, consider making a wedding hashtag that you and the guests can use on the big day. Some couples even start using their hashtag before the wedding, such as during the engagement party, bridal shower, or pre-wedding photo shoot. This way, you can collect all the memories related to your celebration with one simple hashtag.

So, first things first; what wedding hashtag should you use? To help you figure things out, just read through our simple guide below.

  • Start with your first names

    Combining your first names is the simplest way to create a wedding hashtag that every single guest will remember. You can also add “and”, “plus”, or a simple “x” between your names. If you both have unique nicknames from your childhood or school days, this is a great time to embrace them.

  • Or try your last names instead

    Alternatively, use your new shared surname like the #MeetTheKaufmans example above, or opt for #MrAndMrsKaufman instead. If you’re keeping your last name after marriage, combine both surnames into one hashtag like the #milesdaviswedding one on the right.

  • Combine your names or use initials

    The previous options work best when you have unusual names, but what happens if your names have been used as a hashtag before? Consider combining your initials and adding your surname or any other word. Write the initials in capital letters to avoid misspellings.

  • Add one or two romantic words

    Another easy alternative is to add one or two words to your names, surname, or initials. Some popular words include “Forever”, “Always”, and “Love”. You can also play around with short phrases like “HappilyEver” or anything else you can think of.

  • Turn it into a full sentence

    Go all out and turn your wedding hashtag into an entire sentence by adding words like “finallygetmarried” after your names or “theweddingof” before them. Make sure to keep things short and sweet. Remember, your guests will have to type the hashtag manually every time they post a photo or video.

  • Include your wedding date

    Another simple way to make a unique hashtag is to add your wedding date. You can just add the year of the wedding, as pictured above, or use the full date in a DDMMYY format. If you have a pretty wedding date like 12 March, add 123 after both of your names.

  • Think of clever puns

    Using a punny phrase is one of the best ways to make a memorable wedding hashtag. Think of a popular idiom, quote, or even movie title and change one of the words to your name. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be a little cheesy, especially if you and your partner have a playful sense of humor.

  • Show off your wedding location

    This kind of hashtag works best when you’re throwing a destination wedding. Simply add your names or initials to the city, island, region, or country where you’re getting married. Feel free to play around with different phrases like “TuscanWedding” or “GetMauied”.

  • Describe your wedding of your dreams

    Here’s an idea; forgo using your names entirely and choose a full sentence that describes your wedding instead. Make sure to choose a hashtag that represents your personality and the kind of celebration your guests can expect.

  • Opt for something that represents your relationship

    Last but not least, think of a wedding hashtag that symbolizes your entire relationship. The hashtag above, #163000mileslater, represents the couple’s long-distance relationship. If you’ve had a similar kind of relationship or have dated your partner for many years, why not use something like #BetweenJakartaAndLondon or #OneDecadeLater?

Once you are 100% sure about your wedding hashtag, start thinking of how you're going to tell the guests about it. There are many ways to display your wedding hashtag; don't forget to ask your wedding decorator and invitation designer for ideas as well. Did you think of a unique wedding hashtag of your own? Share it with us in the comments section below!


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