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    Benny & Nathalia by Amara UniverseBenny & Nathalia by Amara Universe
    Benny & Nathalia by Amara UniverseBenny & Nathalia by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 4 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning
    Andre & Luke by Amara UniverseAndre & Luke by Amara Universe
    Andre & Luke by Amara UniverseAndre & Luke by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 3 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning
    Abi & Angel by Amara UniverseAbi & Angel by Amara Universe
    Abi & Angel by Amara UniverseAbi & Angel by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 4 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning
    Edison & Yna by Amara UniverseEdison & Yna by Amara Universe
    Edison & Yna by Amara UniverseEdison & Yna by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 5 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning
    Andreas & Herliani by Amara UniverseAndreas & Herliani by Amara Universe
    Andreas & Herliani by Amara UniverseAndreas & Herliani by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 6 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning
    Bob & Sisca by Amara UniverseBob & Sisca by Amara Universe
    Bob & Sisca by Amara UniverseBob & Sisca by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 2 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning
    Yogie & Silvia by Amara UniverseYogie & Silvia by Amara Universe
    Yogie & Silvia by Amara UniverseYogie & Silvia by Amara Universe
    Marco & Agnes by Amara UniverseMarco & Agnes by Amara Universe
    Marco & Agnes by Amara UniverseMarco & Agnes by Amara Universe
    Yung & Jess by Amara UniverseYung & Jess by Amara Universe
    Yung & Jess by Amara UniverseYung & Jess by Amara Universe
    Amara Universe & 5 OTHERS
    Wedding Planning

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    Amara Universe Review(s)

    13 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    08 May 2019 | Bride at Wenny & Leo Wedding

    Thank you Amara Universe

    I’ve got to say, planning the wedding with Amara Universe was really fun! They were very professional, detail, always easy to talk to at any time of day and most importantly, they made the whole process stress-less for us. We contacted them around 9 months before the wedding day and had several other planners in mind as well, but we finally chose Amara because their response was the fastest and to my opinion, more professional. They helped us in selecting several venue options and we visited Bali for the inspections of the venue. Thankfully for them, we had the perfect venue for our needs! Jesse & Jenn were always very initiative in reminding us of our deadlines and next steps. We find that we can rely on them to negotiate with vendors, arrange the payments and also be our agreement proof reader! Hahaha On the wedding day itself, everything ran smoothly without a glitch. Our friends and family were impressed with the way they work and how the whole team had clear understanding of the rundown. All in all, we were very pleased with our choice and would recommend anyone to hire Amara Universe for their wedding. Good luck and lots of success for team Amara! We miss you!
    15 January 2019 | Bride at Natasha & Felix Wedding

    Personally didn't have a good experience

    We paid DP and locked our date for a wedding that's still 1 and a half year away, due to family problems, the groom's family demanded for the wedding planning to be put on pending. We communicated this with the vendor pretty clearly, and they said they understand, and then we ask to be informed first if they want to consider letting go our locked date for another client. Until it was a year away from our wedding, and we've resolved to go forward with the wedding without the groom family at all. Then we ask them for ONE meet up between them and the bride's parents before paying (which we're very prepared to do without any delay. since delay was never part of our/the bride's family plan. plus this time we ditched the delaying party already ), but turns out they had decided to take another client on that date and said that they can't work with us due to the planning delay that happened, and the DP is now invalid. In my opinion, they really should've told us first before making that decision. We would've not minded finalising contract or proceeding with another payment before the deadline had they informed us of a deadline. ---more on the detail--- When our wedding planning started to get back working again after our "hiatus", we reached out to them with questions and discussions. We were still getting replies and the talk was really going towards making it happen, none of them told us straight that "the delay was too long so we can't take your project" or "you gotta pay now if we want to proceed or else we'll take another client instead". So then the talk went on for 1-2 days until we asked for a meet up when suddenly, we got a respond saying that our delay from last year was too long, and they've already dropped this for another client. Honestly, it would've been better had they told us straight of a deadline before we come back restarting the event talk, or even just right when we started talking about it again. Instead of leading on and keep talking about it only to shot us down in the middle of it. We fully recognise that ours was kind of a "special case" of sorts, and a delay of 5-6months might not be tolerable, however, we would've appreciate getting informed of that /beforehand/. We sincerely hope that they won't have to deal with yet another future client that need some delays in the middle of their planning, but in the case that they do, our feedback to them would be to give a clear strict deadline, and lay it out frankly from the get go.

    Vendor Reply

    16 January 2019
    Hi Natasha, apologies for your disappointment. We were surely very excited to decorate your wedding since our agreement in Bridestory Market - July 2018. You have paid IDR1.000.000 (1 million rupiah) booking fee and agreed to pay the Deposit for the decor by end of July 2018. It is now January 2019, and you have not fulfilled your part of the agreement. We have informed you and Felix several times that the agreement was to pay the deposit by end of July 2018 or we have the right to take other clients and booking fee is non refundable. The reasons for you pending the payment differs from what Felix told us, kindly see our chat with Felix where we have informed him of another potential client on the same date prior to us starting the discussion on the wedding again. We have a company to run, employees to pay, operational costs to bear and we cannot refuse another client who was willing to deposit and keep their end of the promise over another client who has been informed several times on the course of 6 months to pay their agreed deposit since end of July 2018, but have not. We apologize if we could not take your wedding, since you broke the agreement and it is a fair and normal practice in all businesses that if agreements are not fulfilled, we have the right to drop the client. Thank you and good luck for your wedding.
    11 January 2019 | Bride at Henson & Lenny Wedding

    The Most Memorable Moment in Our Life

    We first met Jess and Jenn at Bride Story Market. I was attracted by a pretty table set up in the booth that made me stop by to admire the beautiful table decor A month later I contacted Jess through WA. What surprised me the most when she told me that we have met before in BSM, our wedding venue is Ritz Carlton Bali. Omaigattt.. What a good memory. I believe she met lots of couple during the expo. How can she remember clearly. From that moment I am sure I have found the right wedding planner who will remember all the detail very well. Not only assigning Amara as our wedding planner but also for the decoration. Jess has an awesome taste and very good eyes. The bridal table was so dreamy, exactly like what I have always wanted #lovestruck. I could not believe the table set up that I fell in love with in BSM was recreated in our wedding day. Super super love your work, Jess. Jess and Jenn were very responsive whenever I asked them questions. Jenn is a very detail-oriented person, she will never miss a thing. I know I can fully trust her on the wedding day with no worry. Thank you for assigning Winda, a very thoughtful bride assistant. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. We can’t thank you enough for organizing our most important moment in life. All the little and big things you did to ensure our wedding day went smoothly. It would not have been possible without your help. We were extremely satisfied with the entire wedding vendors. If we could do it again, we would still choose you.
    12 November 2018 | Bride at Yna & Edison Wedding

    If they are not worried, you shouldn’t be!

    Picking out a wedding planner is the first and most crucial step because they will be the web that will connect and hold everything together to create your dream wedding. With so many options out there in the market, it’s a daunting task to find the perfect one. I found Amara Universe through a youtube video of a Bali wedding they organized that we were very impressed with. We emailed them, along with other planners to get a feel for each one, and found Amara Universe to be the most reliable one. It’s not easy to find someone over the internet that you can trust. Despite not meeting with Amara Universe initially, we were of course skeptical and worried. But after a few emails and reading their reviews, we felt secured and well taken care of. Their responses were informative and non-biased. They don’t impose anything and let you call all the shots in the decision making process. They make everything seamless and non-complicated. They were reliable and easy to work with. Throughout the process we just shared our seed of thoughts - and they do all the planting and growing to make it all possible. They also helped me and went along with the food tasting, cake tasting, and assisted with meeting the other vendors. They were very professional and detail oriented. They take note of any remarks I said and made sure to follow through with them. Jenn and Jesse were just a Whatsapp message away—sent them messages for any questions/changes and they were quick to respond. Our rundown, technical meeting, and rehearsal was very organized and well coordinated. Jesse told us before the wedding that if they are not worried, we shouldn’t be. That confidence reassured me coming into the wedding day. I never felt anxious and enjoyed the moment. Everything did go smoothly, and turned out much better than I expected! To Amara Universe — you are all amazing to work with! I actually miss planning my wedding with you! You made our wedding the best moment of our lives. Edison and I cannot thank you all enough for the great work you have done. Thank you for making it all happen perfectly as we’ve envisioned. Our family and friends were so happy throughout the event! It wasn’t just our moment but our family’s reunion as well—you’ve made it a night to be remembered for all of us! Apart from work, thank you for being such genuine and kind people. To me, it seemed like you really enjoy your work and are wholeheartedly dedicated to making the event a successful and memorable one. You were always ready to help out and we sincerely believe and feel that you and your team are like our new friends now. To the assistants during the actual wedding day, you were all so helpful and reliable! Thank you for making it stress free for us. We absolutely cannot thank you all enough!! Amara Universe - 10/10 would recommend to anybody! Trust them with you big day and they will make it absolutely one of the BEST moments of your lives! Sincerely, Yna & Edison - Oct 20, 2018
    03 September 2018 | Bride at Abi & Angel Wedding

    Never Regret & Never Forget

    Kita Pertama kali ketemu Amara di Bridestory market, dan kita sebenernya langsung sreg banget waktu ngobrol sama Jess..Jess orangnya apa adanya, kalau bisa, dibilang bisa..kalau gak, dibilang enggak…tegas, dan gak bertele”..itu yang kita suka banget…sesuai dengan vendor yang kita pinginin.. Alhasil, kita choose Amara buat jadi WO kita..WOW! sebuah pilihan yang gak akan pernah kita sesalin sama sekali…Wedding lintas pulau yang sangat sukses…semua guest bener” happy dan gak habis” nya buat posting foto di Ig..gak habis”nya bilang Wedding ter bagus yang pernah mereka hadirin..very intimate, gak besar, tapi sesuatu banget…THANK YOU SO MUCH AMARA!! Sekarang cerita tentang proses persiapan yang dibantu oleh Amara Universe : Wedding kita di Bali tanggal 23 Agustus 2018..sedangkan kita sendiri domisilinya di Jakarta.. Contact person yang aku dapet itu Jenn…dan pastinya tetap berhubungan dengan Jess.. Awal mulai “bekerja” as a team (of course..we’re a Team right? hehehe..), kita mulai numbuhin rasa percaya..baik dari kita ke Amara, dan sebaliknya..(since kita punya banyak warning ttg WO” yang ada..hehehe…) Dengan segala regulation Amara, yang membebaskan kita ngapain aja, tanpa harus dari WO (kontek langsung ke vendor, atau payment langsung ke vendor, dll) membuat kita semakin percaya dan nyaman sama Amara… Amara kasih kita rekomendasi vendor” yang bener” profesional..bukan yang ecek”..Amara bisa usahain semua yang ada di pikiran kita..Amara bener” ngebantu kita buat ngewujudin Wedding impian kita (secara hanya 1 kali seumur hidup yah..heheh..) Amara ngurusin Transport kita (ini yang sebenernya kita takutin, karena banyak sekali kejadian, wedding di bali, tapi jadi ngaret jemput orang dll, jadi guestnya protes..jadi omongan..) dengan baik banget..Segala akomodasi kita juga di urus dengan baik…Amara sabar dengan kita yang suka ganti” ide… Amara urusin mostly semua yang ada di pikiran kita…ide aneh, mereka support asal masih bisa dan bagus untuk di wujudin..ide biasa, mereka kasih rekomendasi yang lebih baik.. Sampai selesai acara, rasanya kyk sedih banget mau pisah sama mereka…pas mereka pamit, rasanya sedih banget..Amara selama 1 tahun ini udah kyk keluarga..T.T..(beneran lho, pas nulis ini kyk jadi terharu lagi, inget” what we have been through together) rasanya masih keinget banget setelah selesai acara, Jess & Jenn masuk kamar kita untuk remind after party, ngobrol sebentar, sempet joking sama mereka..) dan setelah itu, waktu after party mau mulai, mereka pamit samperin kita ke meja kita, rasanya air mata ini kok mau tumpahh..hehee...T.T Pokoknya, kita tunggu kabarnya yah kalau kalian ke Jakarta..we still owe you “Soto Hj. Mamat”…hehehe..jangan sungkan..jangan gak enak...kita after ini kan jadi temen..hehehe...pokoknya harus kabarin kalau ke Jakarta..kita tinggalnya udah deket ICE lhooo...^^ Maaf..mungkin ini bukan review yang formal..jauh dari formal bahkan..tapi, percaya deh..ini yang ada di hati kita..dan ini jujur apa adanya.. We still miss you Amara.. Love, Abi & Angel
    25 July 2018 | Bride at Eugene & Pamela Wedding

    Our dream wedding made possible

    Amara Universe is the perfect wedding planner and organiser for our dream wedding! We have sooo much to thank the whole team for and we are so glad that we went with our instinct and chose Amara since the beginning of our wedding journey. At the 2017 Bridestory Market, we were looking for a Bali-based wedding planner and organizer and chanced upon Amara Universe. Our meeting was brief but detailed, but we kind of already knew that Amara Universe was the one for us. So we chose Amara Universe for our wedding and it was the best decision ever. We started planning 10 months before our wedding day but we only met the team face-to-face 6 months in. Communication with the team via WhatsApp was very efficient - Jenn and Jesse were always very responsive, even replying at 2-3am! Whenever we had questions or vendors that we wanted to check out, the team would help us check immediately and this definitely made the planning process for us soooo easy and convenient. Amara Universe was also on point with the timeline that we were able to settle most of the important stuff way before the wedding day - this was super crucial and helped us lessen our stress before the wedding. We are very glad that Amara was very transparent and fair regarding vendors, always giving us the best options and telling us the pros and cons of each of them, without pressuring us to choose a specific vendor. They also communicated with all our vendors, which was again very convenient and made everything less complicated for us. This also definitely ensured that everything went smoothly as planned on our wedding day. On the day itself, each of us (bride, groom, parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen) were provided our own assistants. Coordination and communication between the whole team was very efficient. We also noticed that each member had very good knowledge about the event and vendors involved. We were surprised that the team stayed behind until our after party was over (2 am) to ensure that everyone got back safely. We were very thankful to Andris who heated up the party and encouraged everyone to get on the dance floor. Jenn and Jesse kept in touch with us throughout the next few days (and even until now). We stayed in Bali a few days after the wedding day when, unfortunately, the volcano erupted the day before our flight back home. Thankfully, Jesse has good connections with many hotels and helped us make arrangements for free accommodation at our hotel (Alila Seminyak) just in case our flight was cancelled. All in all, Amara exceeded our expectations. Our wedding really was the best day of our lives. Many of our guests and family members still rave about how amazing the night was. We dreamt of a perfect wedding and Amara made it happen. THANK YOU AMARA TEAM!!

    Wedding Planning

    What wedding planning services do you offer?
    Full Service Wedding Planning: Site inspection, concept, design, budgeting, electing vendors and on the day wedding management
    Do you support or cater to any specific religions?
    We are open to any religions. However, for legal and religion wedding to be acknowledged by the civil registration, we must abide by the rules of the Indonesian government.
    What sizes of weddings have you coordinated in the past? Min? Max?
    We have done couples only wedding to the maximum of 1200 guests wedding
    How many weddings do you plan a year?
    Approximately around 30 weddings
    Do you plan weddings internationally?
    Yes we do.
    How soon should I book your services?
    We require a minimum booking period of 6 months prior for Full Service Planning and 2 months for On The Day Management.
    What is required for booking your services?
    To secure the date with us, we require you to sign our event agreement prior invoicing. Then, once 50% down payment is received, our services on your wedding date will be secured.
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    Our working hour for one day wedding is up to 12 hours.
    Is Legal and Religion wedding included in your handling fee?
    No, legal and religion wedding are in separate charge from our handling fee. Why? we outsource our legal and religions handling to a professional agent who has a close relationship with civil registrant and wide experiences to avoid any mistake and to make the process easier
    How many persons in the team on the day?
    Depending on the complexity of the event but we start from 9 - 12 persons for 300 guests.
    Do you do wedding outside Bali?
    What makes you stand out?
    Our attention to details, experience, proactive attitude and professional service have been the key for our line up of successful events.
    Can you help us with airport pick up, welcome dinner, after party and other wedding related arrangements?
    Yes we can, case by case, as depending on the complexity, charges may apply but often when it's simple, we give it as a complimentary
    Do you help us with the vendors?
    Yes, we prefer that we provide the vendors for you as our vendors have gone through a selection process through out the time. Our vendors selection criteria are based on: Pricing, Product Quality, Professionalism and Honesty. If you bring your own vendors, they must understand our working terms and conditions in the contract.
    What service do you provide?
    Day of coordinator, Full planning, Partial planning, Other Destination Wedding
    What sort of planning do you cover?
    Wedding styling and concept,  Budget preparation,  Detailed task checklist,  Attendee list preparation,  Venue selection,  Reception planning,  Rehearsal dinner planning,  Ceremony planning,  Other Legal
    What is your primary expertise?
    Intimate wedding,  Grand wedding,  International wedding Destination weddings,  Cultural wedding Chinese and Balinese,  Religious wedding ceremony All religions
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Yes Email to or call +628113955777
    Minimum and maximum number of guests of a wedding you would coordinate
    Varies on venue
    Do you speak other languages should there be any overseas couple who wants to use your services?
    Yes English, Mandarin and Bahasa
    Do you provide services in other cities or countries?
    Yes South East Asia & Pacific Islands
    How far in advance should your client make a booking?
    2 - 3 months for On The Day Management 7 months - 1 year for Full Planning
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    12 hours
    What makes your services unique?
    Our first step is to Converse with you, get to know what your preferences are, your love story and your vision. We take the time to listen and style a personalised wedding based on you. Each and every client that have came to us, have become a part of our live and we share your happiest moments by creating something so incredibly beautiful. No detail is too small to be overlooked, no requests too demanding to be heard, no wedding too small or big to plan. We walk with you throughout your planning of the big day.
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Credit card payment, Cash, PayPal
    What is your payment terms?
    50% down payment, 50% balance payment 1 month before the wedding day
    When was your business established?
    Our business started in 2012 and have since become one of the most well know wedding planners in Bali.
    Jl. Akasia XVI, Akasia Residence Kav.5 - Denpasar. Bali 80227

    Your out of the box wedding planner that craves for everything custom and personalised. From On The Day Management service, to Full Planning and even A Lifetime Journey service which includes the planning of your honeymoon. We are there to listen, style, plan and manage the big day.

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