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Before we even put stories to shots, we consider a few decades ahead. Would audiences still love the film fifty years into the future? What shots would best suit the memorable event? Will we be just l...
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What do your packages include?

DVD of raw footage,  Edited video,  High definition video,  Montage - wedding highlights,  Multiple cameras,  Multiple videographers,  Pre-ceremony,  Ceremony,  Reception,  Rehearsal dinner,  Same day edit video

What videography styles do you specialize in?

Cinematic,  Documentary,  Short form,  Storytelling,  Conceptual,  Fine art

Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?

Yes , We do destination wedding subjected to availability as well.

Do you do a same day edit?

Yes , Yes! 150 minutes interval at least

Do you employ any special technologies, equipments, or techniques?

Yes , We would communicate with our clients and try to conceptualise something refreshing for every client we deal with. If you wish to know, yes we have drones, cranes, electronic stabalizers, underwater cameras, car rigs, action cameras, 6k cameras. Let us kn

Do you have a replacement videographer in case you become unavailable on the event day?

Yes , Of course we do

Do you provide raw footage to the client?

No , We would edit the footage before providing to our clients, the uncompressed raw footage would not be very pleasant to watch to due to file size. Also we shoot all our films in raw and without grading it wouldn't be pleasant to watch!

Does a client need to schedule an appointment?

Yes , We are more than happy to have a meet up to discuss and of course provide you with a non obligatory quotation!

Are you available to shoot after hours?

Yes , Subjected to availability. Let us know early and high chance is - YES!

How do you direct the couple when you are capturing their moments of their wedding?

This is really dependant on my clients, we would need to know their character and it is important to ensure our couple looks and feels natural in front of the camera. We do not show up to a wedding expecting my clients to act like models…but it’s our job to make them look like stars. No stress, no drama, no pressure. We walk, chat, and we explain what we want them to do, but–more so–how I want them to feel. That changes everything. In all truthfulness, it’s our job to, literally, give couple something to do. Directions, feedback, encouragement. Some of the best videographers in the industry are the best directors in my opinion. Sure, it can be difficult at times. Having shot more than a hundred weddings, if we don't know how to direct our clients, who else would?

What rate do you usually charge at?

We charge strictly by our rate card, we wish to keep it fair for our previous clients who paid the same amount. If bargaining hard enough give you more discount then it would be my old clients mistake who did not know how to bargain. Of course there are promotions from time to time. Do drop us an email!

How long does it take for the client to get the final video?

It is strictly within 60 days after their actual day. We would only deliver earlier and not later.

How far in advance should your client contact you?

6-12 months prior to the wedding is ideal.

How many people do you have in your team to handle a wedding?

Depending on the scale of the wedding and the complexity of the shots we wish to achieve. It could be a simple wedding with just 1 cinematographer. It could be a complex one with up to 6-7 cinematographers and assistants.

What makes your services unique?

We treat every project with the care and the trust that it deserves. What could be more important than giving your intended audience the beautiful images that will provide enjoyment, hopefully, for generations to come? The responsibility of crafting your video is one we take very seriously. We just try our best.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, is it a requisite for the client to provide your meal?

No worries on that at all.

What payment systems are available for your business?

Bank transfer, Credit card payment, PayPal, Cheques, Cash

What is your payment terms?

50% upon confirmation of contract, 50% upon the final delivery

When was your business established?

We are a couple of likeminded individuals who started out between 2006-2010 when we were still using 8mm film for that purpose and shooting on DV tapes. What a long way!

Please list, if any, your business' past achievements and awards

Coming up soon !

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